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Is node.js a exclusive requirement for having Panda.js to work?


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First of all, this is my first post (in fact, a topic) and I didn't know where to ask for this, so please don't be to hard on me.


Having said this, I explain my problem.


I googled around and I see "node.js" everywhere. I though panda.js was a framework for including it into a web page as any other game engine around (like Phaser and such, that you use a script tag to include it).


I've got Apache as web server, can I make panda work? Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance. Leo.

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Oh my God. In my rage of trying to discover how to include it, I never saw that index.html was right in my face! Haha.

Thanks dude, as soon as I can get something little and cool to work I'll let you know.

I was looking for a nice game engine with nice features and "well architected" yours looks so promising (according to what I've seen in the demo games).


So, thanks again!

Cheer from Argentina.



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