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PIXI InteractionData (Global event) weird action


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Hi guys!,


I need you a little help here, I got a bug with my code getting coordinates

click: function (event) {                var x = event.global.x;                var y = event.global.y;                console.log("x :" + x + " y :" + y);}

If i click just once, it works fine, but if I got click in the same position before, then the coordinates start to change.


This is what i get, when I click on the same position :


"x :359.2370668348709 y :465.61307901907355"
"x :100 y :84.1747550288076"
"x :14.623619226607044 y :100"
"x :2.189164554881294 y :100"
"x :0.3277192447427087 y :100"


Has anyone worked with coordinates?

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