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The property X does not exist on value of type 'PIXI.Point' (phaser typescript)

Daniel Belohlavek

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I'm using VS Express 2013 for the Web and following this tutorial: http://www.photonstorm.com/phaser/advanced-phaser-and-typescript-projects
My code:

///<reference path="phaser.d.ts"/>module Crazytopia {    export class Game extends Phaser.Game {        constructor() {            super(1023, 630, Phaser.AUTO, 'content', null);            this.state.add('Boot', Boot, false);            this.state.add('Preloader', Preloader, false);            this.state.add('Menu', Menu, false);            this.state.add('Room_1', Room_1, false);            this.state.start('Boot');        }    }}


module Crazytopia {    export class Boot extends Phaser.State {                preload() {            this.load.image('preloadBar','img/loader.png');        }        create() {            this.input.maxPointers = 1;            this.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true;            if (this.game.device.desktop) {                //  If you have any desktop specific settings, they can go in here                [b][color=#ff0000]this.stage.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true;[/color][/b]            }            this.game.state.start('Preloader', true, false);        }    }}


module Crazytopia {    export class Menu extends Phaser.State {        username: Phaser.Text;        menuTitle: Phaser.Text;        create() {            //this.stage.setBackgroundColor(0x2d2d2d);            this.menuTitle = this.add.text(this.world.centerX, this.world.centerY, 'Enter your name:', {                font: "30px Arial",                fill: "#ffffff",                align: "center"            });            this.menuTitle.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);            this.username = this.add.text(this.world.centerX, this.world.centerY + 70, '', {                font: "30px Arial",                fill: "#ffffff",                align: "center"            });            this.username.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);            this.input.keyboard.addCallbacks(this, this.keyboardHandler);            if (this.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.P).justPressed()) {                this.startGame;            }        }        keyboardHandler( evt ) {            // Skip it unless it's a-z.            if (evt.which < "A".charCodeAt(0) || evt.which > "Z".charCodeAt(0)) {                console.log("Not a letter: ", evt.which);                return;            }            var letter = String.fromCharCode(evt.which);            if (!evt.shiftKey) letter = letter.toLowerCase();            this.username.setText(this.username.text + letter);        }        startGame() {            this.game.state.start('Room_1', true, false);        }    }} 

Note: there is also Preloader.ts, Room_1.ts and app.ts but I do not think they are relevant to the problem (please correct me if I'm wrong).
The errors I get:

  • Error 1 The property 'setTo' does not exist on value of type 'PIXI.Point' (Menu.ts ln 17)
this.menuTitle.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);
  • Error 2 The property 'setTo' does not exist on value of type 'PIXI.Point' (Menu.ts ln 25)
this.username.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);
  • Error 3 The property 'pageAlignHorizontally' does not exist on value of type 'PIXI.Point' (Boot.ts ln 14)
this.stage.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true;

I'm new to Typescript and Phaser so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks for reading!


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Your tutorial: http://www.photonstorm.com/phaser/advanced-phaser-and-typescript-projects is from December 2013!

I'm using Phaser 2.0.3


I commented out the problematic lines in Menu.ts and corrected the "pageAlignHorizontally" error (that means that anchor.setTo() still shows errors).

Whenever I build and run the code I can see the loader bar fading out but the text does not appear as expected (and instructed) in Menu.ts, maybe I'm going about it the wrong way? I tried translating some vanilla JS to Typescript and again, it's my first time doing so :)


Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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