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Found 4 results

  1. I have installed VS 2013 and downloaded and unzipped phaser. I am currently trying to go throught the phaser typescript examples. how do i make VS 2013 point to the phaser directory so the examples can reference the phaser framework? hope this makes sense thanks in advance
  2. Hey Everyone, I created a Phaser starter project template for Visual Studio 2013 that uses JavaScript. You can view more here: https://github.com/funzeye/Phaser-Project-Template-Javascript https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/e6eeccc4-3963-4e3d-8181-77d94ae67d9a TypeScript Version also Available: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a4f5464e-897a-48c2-85e4-7ac2b1d92d0f
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm experimenting with phaser and js windows store apps. I created a very simple app, just moving some sprites on the screen. What troubles me is quite often when i run the app on local machine from visual studio it lags. The sprites gently jump rather than move smoothly. This happens randomly. One time everything works smooth, next time it lags again (without changing the code or starting any other applications or anything). I use game.debug.text to draw fps to the screen and every time the game laggs i have 67 or 65 or 63. When game runs smoothly fps is equals 60. The extra fe
  4. I'm using VS Express 2013 for the Web and following this tutorial: http://www.photonstorm.com/phaser/advanced-phaser-and-typescript-projects My code: Game.ts ///<reference path="phaser.d.ts"/>module Crazytopia { export class Game extends Phaser.Game { constructor() { super(1023, 630, Phaser.AUTO, 'content', null); this.state.add('Boot', Boot, false); this.state.add('Preloader', Preloader, false); this.state.add('Menu', Menu, false); this.state.add('Room_1', Room_1, false); this.state.start('Boot'); }
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