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My Journey with Game Development Till Now


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CreateJS is more of a general HTML5 tool while Phaser has useful features built in just for game development (which can be ignored to create general tools, just like CreateJS). With Create, I was spending a lot of time building basic features like collision detection, velocity controls and timers. And finally, WebGL support - Using PIXI makes Phaser one of the fastest in terms of graphics rendering. I'm not saying one is "greater" than the other but rather that its according to preferences that you should choose. 

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I'm kind of on a journey like that too, trying out different engines instead of frameworks though. Phaser is the first framework I tried out and a few attempts at trying to learn it still haven't yielded much. I'm the opposite of you though, my art skill is nearly maxed out so I have an easy time with it and actually make a living off making art as a freelancer. Meanwhile, something like Phaser, which is probably simple for you, proves to be a challenge to me in some ways. I'm trying to be independent and learn it all so I can sell games to portals. I don't know why I don't just give in and use Game Maker to make my html5 games already, but I really feel like using a framework for once since I managed to make some games for the Tizen platform using an engine and actually successfully submitted them.

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