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Former Google's employee denounces as the company steals publishers


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This article is BS for two reasons:

  • Publisher make money to themselves AND Google
  • Google made $42 billions from AdWords alone in 2012, I guess a significant number for them to "cut" is at least 1 billion, and if all their publishers make 42/12 = 3.5$ billions per month, 50% which goes to them so $1.75 billion, that would mean that they would have to cut more than 50% of all their publishers just to "save" $1 billion of expenses. But this ofcourse would mean that their income would go down to $42*50% = $21 billions yearly :D
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It's a very interesting article but I have to wonder if it's just a disgruntled employee. If he signed an NDA and thought what Google was doing something illegal, why didn't he go or report it to the authorities. After all a non disclosure agreement does not prevent a former employee from reporting to the authorities. And certainly would have caused Google a lot more negative publicity than this article would. I'm not saying it's not true but, it does make me wonder....After all, Google does employ some of the best and brightest and could probably invent or change things to favor their earnings from revenues if they wanted to without doing anything illegal and risk damaging their reputation....Just saying.


And thanks for sharing.....still very interesting

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