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[SOLVED] Does this "game" look blurry on your device?


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Could you guys please give this template game test a try on your device? i only have 2 test devices right now, both android, and the game looks fine on the one device but blurry on the other.




The game is meant to be played on portrait orientation

The parts that could look blurry are (pretty much everything there is) the title, the button text and, if you turn to landscape mode, the "turn device" message.


Blurriness is a horrible thing.


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That looks beautiful. Seriously considering getting me a Nexus 7. Thanks for testing and taking the time to post the shots. Cheers!


Nexus 7 is awesome, bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it. Considering giving up iOS myself.

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What could it be? I'm going to try modifying some lines on my js file and see what happens. Thanks again for testing and posting some shots.


Also, still serious about the Nexus 7 :D  

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