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Where is the API Documentation?


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Hey Folks,


Apologies in advance if this was blindingly obvious and I've wasted a forum topic....

I've just started using phaser and would like to start perusing the different methods/classes etc...

I cannot quite seem to find API documentation to this effect however, could anyone please advise?


Thanks and Regards,



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Hello, and welcome aboard !


So here are the links you will need to start your Phaser journey :


The main website : phaser.io


The API documentation : docs.phaser.io


The live examples : examples.phaser.io


The  getting started tutorials :








Good luck :)

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Also you can take a look to Phaser Chains, it was referenced as "a great new way to browser the phaser documentation" in phaser.io website. In this thread you will find the details: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/12051-phaser-chains-a-different-way-to-explore-phaser-docs/




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