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Looking for a Phaser.io Developer to Create Games for Sci-fi TV Show

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I'm with a company called Ignition, in the US. We develop marketing campaigns and other cool products for our clients. We are embarking on a very fun journey now in building a series of games for a TV series and we are exploring Phaser for the first time.  


Phaser.io the html5 game engine is ideally what we're looking for. 


We can also look for people with experience with impact.js and any other html5 game engines.


Our games have to run on desktop, tablet and mobile and each will be relatively simple from an interaction standpoint.

phaser.js is the key.
Here are some samples of some of the games that are similar to what we are building/level of gameplay:
Top-Down Driving Game
This is an HTML5 prototype we've been developing over the past few days.
You'll see a big difference in visual fidelity in the final game, as well as more of a linear course, but should give you a basic idea of gameplay.
Stealth Game
The stealth game will be a side-scrolling "platform" game similar to Mark of the Ninja. Our engine will be a bit simpler, though.
Shooting Game
The shooting game will be built off of a similar engine to the Stealth game, with an emphasis on tap/click-to-shoot and cover mechanics like Major Mayhem.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we are definitely open to working with people offsite and in other countries other than the US.
Thank you for your time.
If interested, please email me. [email protected]


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