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Found 13 results

  1. We are looking for a remote artist for our mobile game design team. This is a paid position in a professional and established work environment. Our design team has produced art for some of the world's leading brands for over a decade. Art styles range from concept/painted styles to 'pop' vector. This position will start with a few hours per week, but the proper candidate should be ready to move to full time if they are meeting requirements. We need you available and online in our team backend between 9AM and 4PM EST (US) timezone. The position requires strong experience in mobile game art such as animation and typical 2d art workflow as you will be working with animation and development team coordinators with each project. Strong experience in Photoshop CC+ is mandatory, so speed and familiarity with the software is essential. This is a faced paced environment. The right candidate will be comfortable in this environment. The right candidate will have the potential to remain with us as a career, as many already have. Ideally we are looking for an artist who can switch between vector and realistic art styles, but a strong candidate in only one area will be considered. Experience in 3D applications and rendering workflow a plus! Sometimes we may need to render pre-created 3D models into 2D sprites for animating in software. We are looking for an artist who is passionate about creating art and have their own ideas in parallel to the direction our staff will provide. For example, if we show you a mockup of a project, we would like your mind to instantly jump to ideas that you would like to see in that environment, and be a part of the creative process alongside us. We do not want someone who will only follow a sprite list, and contribute nothing else. We are looking for a creative team member. The correct candidate must be able to produce very high quality art for our clients, and quickly. The work you will be involved with are very fast turnaround mini-games, meaning from concept sketches to finished product is usually performed in only a few days. That means we need rapid designs that are approved quickly, and iterative updates while the development team begin to include them in the project. While the games are small, the work is very fast paced, but our online team environments make communication and sharing very easy. Finally, because we often find ourselves creating full mini-games from concept sketches and discussions, we are in constant contact with the artist to explain the project when it begins and perform revision work. You must be able to understand English and communicate quickly without difficulty. Below are some of the things we will be wondering about (NOTE, we have training available for some areas such as 2D animation prep): 1.) How comfortable are you with understanding 2D animation? (Prepping game sprites to be animated, piece exports etc.) 2.) How familiar are you with Photoshop techniques and environment? 3.) Are you comfortable and experienced with game art, sprite sheets, and overall production flow? 4.) Are you imaginative or do you only work off of sprite lists? (For example: We need a little house and yard drawn. Do you suggest/add a little tree with a rope and tire swing? Or we get exactly what we ask for on the list, no less/no more? 5.) How comfortable are you with both vector and realistic, traditional style art? (both is a bonus, but not required! We will consider an expert in either!) If you are interested in the position, please email "careers" at "" with your hourly salary requirements, portfolio links or examples of work, and best method of chat (Skype etc). Candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted via chat (text only, no worries about Covid hair!) to further discuss the position. These positions will be filled very quickly! Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!
  2. Good afternoon Network, I'm new here! I'm looking to build my network of hands on, passionate HTML5 Game Developers! I would like to discuss an opportunity with a client of mine based in the US, a disruptive gaming company, on a mission to provide social gaming for platforms such as Facebook, and many more. The position is **FULLY REMOTE** from anywhere in the world. Backed by a global team of passionate engineers and game professionals, working on groundbreaking technology to engage the entertain millions of people on the world’s largest platforms. In this position you would join the team, working with technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, Reactjs and Typescript to create and build some the industries best games available in the market. My client are looking for at least 3 years in the game industry working with technologies including but not limited to - JavaScript, HTML5, Reactjs, Typescript and Nodejs. Competitive salary / paid in USD / bonus + equity If of interest, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and we can arrange a time to talk - I look forward to interacting with you in the future. Oh, and... Happy Friday!!
  3. Squid Books is looking to augment its team to build physics based games in PixiJS and MatterJS. Squid Books is an educational platform aimed at making Science accessible. At the core, there is a flexible reader whose learnings are strengthened by surrounding quizzes, videos, and word games. The next initiative is to build games demonstrating NGSS’s Earth and Space Science concepts. We are looking for part-time to full-time contractors/consultants which can lead to salaried employment. ~Additional Information~: - Website: - SAAS Vendors: Google Cloud Platform, CircleCI, Sentry, Atlassian - Frameworks: React, Express, Cypress, Storybook, PixiJS, MatterJS Please email DM or email us at
  4. We are a team of developers and designer working on a multiplayer dungeon crawler that’s procedurally generated on the blockchain, inspired by classic text and grid based MUDs. We are looking for a pixiJS developer to work with us to launch the dungeon. Preferably this developer should be experienced with pixijs v5. Otherwise, experience with flash/actionscript would be helpful. Our team is based in New York and the UK, and we are looking for someone to work remotely with us. PM me if you are interested or reply here if you have any questions!
  5. Hi everyone, I’m looking for a Phaser developer to help with the launch of a browser-based foreign language-learning game I’m working on. The game is in the style of a SNES-era RPG, but instead of battles you have conversations with NPCs in your target language, using Google’s voice recognition system. I’ve built a demo version that includes all of the MVP functionality, and has had some good feedback from learners, but need a more experienced dev to slightly improve the quality and help put it online. Potentially up to 100 hours (although could be less) at competitive rates. If this sounds interesting then I’d love to show you the demo, and talk more about the project - please send me a link to your previous games, and your contact details. Thanks so much, and look forward to hearing from you, Nick
  6. Hello there, My name is Ash and I am looking to license adult games or have them developed. (Think 18+ NSFW games). Please send me anything that you may have available and what costs would be associated in using the games on our portal sites or to have games developed. Thank you for your time. Reply to infamousreality247 [at] gmail [dot] com
  7. I made a site to help people find jobs in the game industry. It scrapes company sites and aggregates jobs into one list. Someone could check the list instead of checking each company site to see if new jobs have been posted. If anyone has suggestions on companies to add let me know. If people use it then I'll keep adding them.
  8. We are looking for a babylon js freelance developer who can join our team by hours or projects as he/she wish. The goal is to code small-medium web app tools for an ecommerce site (less than 2000 lines of code) Typescript + clean structured code required, just working code is not the goal. Please PM with your $/hour and we will make a test. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am looking for a talented HTML5 developer to work on a online multiplayer game, unfortunatley I cannot reveal any details. The game will require services like users registration as well as allowing connecting with Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts as well. Its a online multiplayer game but players won't need to interact with each other in any way except for chatting but still they need to be on the same map. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me on my email adress: and we can discuss more about detail as well as the potential size of the budget. Please only serious offers.Thanks for your time. Cheers!
  10. Hi Everyone! We're a publicly funded educational media organization located in Toronto (Yonge & Eg.), and we're looking for a talented dev to fill a full-time staff position. We offer competitive salaries, health, dental, and unbeatable work-life balance. If you're a talented and passionate game developer, and you're interested in writing educational 2D games in JavaScript using the Phaser game framework, we want to hear from you! The job posting lists technologies from our full stack, but we're specifically looking for JavaScript + Phaser only; don't be scared off if you've never touched Drupal. You won't have to. Please apply here if you're interested: Applicants must be legally able to work in Ontario and willing to commute to our location in Toronto.
  11. Hey, I am looking for HTML5 developers to assist in the conversion of flash games into Phaser-based HTML5 games. During the conversions there will be some minor changes made, including support for mobile devices and minor gameplay updates. The developers would be working with myself to complete the project. The games, from a programming standpoint, range from simple to somewhat tricky, so I am looking for creative developers that can come up with novel solutions to difficult problems. This is paid work. Requirements: Flash CS6 or CC The native files and file assets are in .fla format. In addition we are using the sprite sheet generation functionality of newer versions of Flash to create sprite atlases for our assets, which is necessary for keeping the texture sizes under control. JQuery/AJAX Our games use AJAX to connect to our website API, so a basic knowledge of AJAX is preferred. Git We use Git for source code management, so I am looking for someone familiar with how to use it. Phaser 2.x This is essential. We've already completed the conversion process with several games and created a standard workflow and template based around Phaser, so there's no going back I would like to find someone already adept with Phaser that can dive right in. However, if you have a lot of experience with other JavaScript frameworks (like ImpactJS), experience making games, and a strong portfolio you will definitely be considered highly. To be considered please send your portfolio, resume (if you have one), and typical rates to From there I will email you with a link/credentials to take a look at the games in question and we can discuss timeline/prices. Thank you guys!
  12. Hi there, We are trying to make a very innovating web game and we are seeking developers or a team to create our game. We are not yet decided on frameworks or any technologies. Although we are very interested in HTML5 & no flash. This game will be very social media integrated. Here would be a sample but just much more creative.... If you believe you can help, Please email me at: Thank you
  13. I'm with a company called Ignition, in the US. We develop marketing campaigns and other cool products for our clients. We are embarking on a very fun journey now in building a series of games for a TV series and we are exploring Phaser for the first time. the html5 game engine is ideally what we're looking for. We can also look for people with experience with impact.js and any other html5 game engines. Our games have to run on desktop, tablet and mobile and each will be relatively simple from an interaction standpoint. phaser.js is the key. Here are some samples of some of the games that are similar to what we are building/level of gameplay: Top-Down Driving Game is an HTML5 prototype we've been developing over the past few days.You'll see a big difference in visual fidelity in the final game, as well as more of a linear course, but should give you a basic idea of gameplay. Stealth GameThe stealth game will be a side-scrolling "platform" game similar to Mark of the Ninja. Our engine will be a bit simpler, though.(Reference: Shooting GameThe shooting game will be built off of a similar engine to the Stealth game, with an emphasis on tap/click-to-shoot and cover mechanics like Major Mayhem.(Reference: Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we are definitely open to working with people offsite and in other countries other than the US. Thank you for your time. If interested, please email me.