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[PIXI] Remove all instances?


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Does anyone know if Pixi has some kind of global `remove()` function?

I'm looking for a way to remove all instances of a sprite from the stage and any containers it might be in.


Or, do I only need to use `removeChild` on its current container?

Can a sprite only be a child of one DisplayObjectContainer at a time?

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A sprite can only be a child of one other container.


If you dont know where you added your sprite, you can remove it that way: sprite.parent.removeChild(sprite).

But I think its better you know the parent and call removeChild from there.


Hope it helps

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Thanks that does help!


I've noticed that if you do this:




and then this:




... then `blueSprite` is removed from the stage's `children` list and added to the container's.


So Pixi seems to be automatically tracking the sprite's parent and managing the display list hierarchy.

If this is really what's happening, that would be great, because it will save me from building a sub-system to do that management myself.


Or, do I explicitly need to use `removeChild` before adding a sprite to a new parent?

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Pixi is a scene graph, no need to write a scene graph on top of it. A node only has one parent in a tree but many children. If you add a child to a container, when that child is already in another container it is first removed from it's current parent then added to the new one.

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