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Ads with Clay.io, FGL or other?

Fire Totem Arena

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Is it possible to do both? i.e. Sell some non-exclusive licenses and additionally distribute the game yourself with ads? This would maximize your ROI ;)


Relly looking forward to read some answers as I'm just starting out.



kind regards,


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I think some developers like Matthew Bowden do exactly that. The thing is, some publishers want their own ads in the games they buy and some don't even want them at all.The HTML5 developing business is relatively new, so everything is learned trough trial and error... mostly.


I am also starting out but i haven't bothered much about ads. I guess it all depends on the publisher and the specific contract you sign with them. But yes, you can sometimes do both.

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The way FGL ads work is we actually change out ads depending on what is performing best at the time.  So you never have to worry about what ad network to use, we use them all and track which ones do best :)  This is for HTML5, native mobile, and Flash web as well.


Right now we're seeing cpms anywhere from $1 to $5.  On Amazon we're getting around $10 with our system.  


To the points about different publishers wanting things differently, our system will automatically stop ads if the publisher pays you a license to remove ads (you set your price for this).  Basically, you put everything in, and our system will pull out whatever is needed for a publisher if they're willing to pay for it.

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