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Text object and text align


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While working on the graphical editor for phaser I have stumbled upon the text alignment.


Basically, I want to use wordWrapWidth (or other property) as the default width for the text alignment,

at the moment I have 2 possible solutions:


1) Quick and dirty would be to modify updateText method like this:

var maxLineWidth = 0;


 var maxLineWidth = this.style.wordWrap ? this.style.wordWrapWidth : 0;

it would make desired results, but as the text has been drawn on separate canvas - it will make text object texture bigger than required and add an impact on the performance


2) Create a wrapper around Text object - or extend Phaser.Text to Phaser.TextBox - and handle offsets internally




Maybe there is somebody who have done something like that before - or I'm just missing something.


Any suggestions?

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