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Found 3 results

  1. Basically, I have my Phaser canvas which takes up 80% of my page and the other 80% is a chat bar on the side. My issue is, my game uses WASD controls and some other buttons to open menus. When someone goes to type in the chat box to send a message, phaser also takes the input. So if im typing a message with a bunch of W's in it, my character in the game would be moving forward. Anyone know a way around this, and not using WASD isnt an option in my case! Thanks for the help in advanced!
  2. Hello, While working on the graphical editor for phaser I have stumbled upon the text alignment. Basically, I want to use wordWrapWidth (or other property) as the default width for the text alignment, at the moment I have 2 possible solutions: 1) Quick and dirty would be to modify updateText method like this: var maxLineWidth = 0;to var maxLineWidth = this.style.wordWrap ? this.style.wordWrapWidth : 0;it would make desired results, but as the text has been drawn on separate canvas - it will make text object texture bigger than required and add an impact on the performance 2) Create a wrapper around Text object - or extend Phaser.Text to Phaser.TextBox - and handle offsets internally Maybe there is somebody who have done something like that before - or I'm just missing something. Any suggestions?
  3. KrishnaMv

    Text Box

    HI guys, I'm trying to get player name from user in a text box. is there any method or function in phaser js...?? (Not in javascript)
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