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Leaderboards with cocoonjs and google game services


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I´m trying to insert leaderboards in my Phaser game, using cocoonjs Social Extensions.


I'm using this code to login and get the leaderboar:

var gp = CocoonJS.Social.GooglePlayGames;socialService = gp.getSocialInterface();socialService.setTemplates("templates/leaderboards.html", "templates/achievements.html");socialService.onLoginStatusChanged.addEventListener(function(loggedIn, error){    if (loggedIn) {        socialService.showLeaderboard({leaderboardID:"123456789"}, function(error){        if (error)             console.error("showLeaderbord error: " + error.message);        });    }});

In the Custom Cocoon Launcher tester, it logs in correctly but it doesn't show the leaderboard, already configured in google games services.


Has anyone applied the cocoon social extensions to google play leaderboards that could help?


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