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Best tablet for Android testing?


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Hi all,  Looking at some Android tablets for testing my HTML5 games on.


Would it be better to choose a Samsung or a generic no-name brand?


I'm leaning towards a Samsung because I hear that there are more Samsung specific bugs, such as with OpenGL acceleration. Plus it is the one with more market share.


Or does it not matter much at all?





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I chose a 7inch Samsung Tab 2 for exactly the reasons you mentioned - has large market share and there are specific samsung flavour android issues to work around.

Also, it's a very average tablet in terms of performance (so useful for testing) the space to work with in the browser is a bit odd and a different ratio to apple devices, they're pretty cheap and easy to find second hand and can install multiple browsers on them

All in all - a pretty crap tablet but ideal for testing!

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