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Can you specify a RenderTarget/buffer using PIXI?


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Hi there,


I am trying to create an image processing app, and what I need to do is chain multiple filters together. For example, I might need to do something like:


render filter1 to A

render filter2 to B


use both A and B as the input to filter3, giving me the output that I want to render to the screen.

Can I do this? I know that I can do something like:


image.filters = [filter1, filter2]


When I was working in image processing before, using directX, I rendered to something called RenderTargets, and then could pass these in to the next filter... I believe openGL uses FrameBuffers to do this.

Is this possible with PIXI? I can give more details if necessary :)



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You might be able to do this with a complex system of passing render textures into the third shader. At best it would be confusing and inefficient.


That being said, there is no native support for passing around FBOs to do complex post-processing effects like bloom.

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Oh wow, I didn't think this post actually got posted (the forums were sort of bugging out). Thanks a lot for the quick reply.


That is sort of disappointing - I was really hoping to make it work. I guess I will leave this for right now. 



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