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Minim - GameMaker Studio theme


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Hey guys,

I've been working incredibly hard learning all the tools required to make themes for GMS (SkinBuilder, ResEdit, ResHacker). Word of warning to anyone who wants to modify the buttons and icons - it's time consuming.


Any feedback on the design before it goes public would be greatly appreciated!


Huge thanks to JayL for his PSD tutorial for the script colours. Helped a lot, so thanks bud :D


What would you choose? Dark or Light?



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In the light theme...


The only thing that stands out negatively to me is the blue color used for the project name, file/edit/window text, and script name. It's distracting. That would look a lot better in black.


Actually, the blue bars that only go across 50% and 75% the screen are a distraction too.


Thanks for your feedback.


Unfortunately I really like the bars across the top, so they're staying :P




Minim has just been released. I believe it's the first 'premium' GameMaker Studio skin! :woot:  


I added some more custom icons and also custom D&D actions. I also removed some other icons around the place, so it's much more minimal now. My aim was to reduce visual clutter by removing things that I never used. Every icon on the screen demands a certain amount of visual attention, so removing them means your brain is less distracted. 





Work in style. Get it here


I had fun creating these, but boy was it tedious! Feedback is very welcome :D




Some more screenshots







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