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Recomendation for current game engine for Memory Game


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So simple question ... if you have the task to make e memory game what engine you are going to pick.


None is out of the question since the job must be done quickly and with glory HTML5 :)


So is phaser ready enough ;P It was my first pick, but i just read that version 1.0 is going to make dramatic and good changes...


Let me here your thoughts.



A version where only a framework or render and not a full engine is used is good too, also none with commercial license.

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None is out of the question since the job must be done quickly and with glory HTML5 :)

I once made it for a company. Took me a few hours without any engine, only jQuery and CSS3.


Really, if you want to make it quick, making it without an engine shouldn't be out of the question. You could start working on it now, instead of considering all engines out there, which will probably take more time (and there shouldn't be anything to learn).

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Well what you say is true...but...


I want it to be a polished game

- canvas game which can be resizable

- to not deal with different browser compatibility problems (at least time possible is good too :) )

- to be speedy

- to be structured for easy level craeation ( 1lvl - 60s, 4x4 grid; 2lvl - 80s, 5x4 grid)


and more such things... and i think making all this tiny things add a lot of time oohhh and saving user results - cause there will be monthly or weekly prices for best players :)


So that's why i'm looking for a framework, engine or only renderer even.

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I have to agree with remvst and end3r with the easiest option being to just use the DOM (for a memory-type game). Scaling is easy enough with CSS, and it would be pretty easy to make a grid system to handle the various size boards you want. 


Construct 2 will rival the DOM in terms of ease of development, but IMO it's a bit overkill for a memory game, and it wouldn't perform as well as the DOM on mobile. Though keep in mind that for games more complex than a memory game, <canvas> will usually be the better option.

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