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Hi everyone,


I'm a new user of babylon.js and i'm trying to understand what the [meshe].getWorldMatrix() and the [scene].getTransformMatrix() matrix are representing.


What is a WorldMatrix ? when I try to recuperate the world matrix of a picked mesh, I obtain a 4*4 matrix with the Identity Matrix for 3*3 Submatrix at the top left, and  with the 3D position at the 4th line and I don't understand why it is like that.


And concretely, how the 'Project' function is running ? I have good knowledge in algebra but I have trouble with the documentation.


Thanks !

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Hello gwenael, thanks for your fast response :)

I had already seen this post but it doesn't really help me for the time being because I don't understand the basics. Can you explain me what is this world matrix  ? What will I learn by playing with your jsfiddle (http://jsfiddle.net/...enmuller/Wcegj/) ? And is that what you call 'space' are basic space transformation ?

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