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Support Phaser via Gittip


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I've opened a Gittip account specifically for funding the development of Phaser.




The concept behind Gittip is that if enough people can commit to contribute a small weekly amount (say $2) then with a decent number of people doing the same it can all add-up. The money will be used for further Phaser development, both directly by allowing me to offset client work and also by allowing me to pay active community members to write tutorials and new content for the site.


Since opening Gittip a couple of people have also emailed me to say they'd like to offer money directly as a yearly lump-sum, which is extremely generous. You know who you are, so thank you :) and a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed on Gittip as well.


Rest assured that Phaser will continue to grow and get better, and will always remain free. But if we can accelerate that with a little funding (or by selling premium plugins once ready) then we're certainly going to do that as well.

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