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Retina / Auto Image Loading


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Hi Guys


I really like the look of Panda.js but I have a question ...


On the website it states that one of the features is ... Retina / Hi-res - Auto Image Loading.


I am really interested in how this feature works (I assume that it's the same as Corona SDK / Gideros ), but I can't find any documentation on it.


Could someone please help me out?


Thank you in advance!

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Hi fuzzee


Thanks for letting me know :)


It seems like this works the same way as Corona and Gideros.


Is there a setting somewhere that allows us to set the ratio for when the engine switches over to @2x gfx?


Also, can we also add @4x graphics for ultra hi res devices?


Thank you in advance!

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Thanks again for the reply!


I'm actually pretty impressed by Panda.js


It seems to be pretty easy to pick up and use.


The @2x graphics option is brilliant and I'm surprised that more engines don't take this approach.


I seems like it wouldn't be to much of a stretch, to also allow higher resolution images (for example @4x).


Perhaps the engines creator could let us know whether this would be feasible for the future?


Thanks for an awesome engine :)

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I'm still a little confused with the retina/hires setting.


The way I assume it works, is that you would select a base revolution and the engine will swap the images for @2x versions.


Eg. I work at 480x320, so the retina setting would load up higher resolution files but the dimensions would stay the same.


When I enable retina, the scene/canvas get made larger (but not quite double).


From what I can see, the resolution is increased but the sprite positions are not updated.


Is this something that has to be done manually?


I would really appreciate any help :)

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So, my base resolution is 480x320


With hires and retina enabled - the game is transformed into 960x640 while the object coordinates I set for the 480x320 screen remain the same.


if I do ...


if (game.system.width == 960) {
          var r = 2;
} else {
          var r = 1;
I can set object co-ordinates for a 480x320 resolution and multiply by 'r' in case the game is on a hires device. This will put all the actors in their correct positions.
Is there a way, the engine could do this automatically?
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