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Collision, gravity, speed move with moveWithCollisions


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When I approach the wall.... See the result in the link. I do not know to explain it. (but the collisions this product prior to contact with the wall and the character it raises)

The speed is also very reduced following settings.

http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/#2J98EA#14 I don't understand what happens. How to solve this problem.


Is it possible to display the colliders?




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What won't, is the character (the box) is not touching the ground. I think that this is due to the collider in ellipse. It would have taken a setting of the character inside the collider for the character touches the ground and the collider is also flush with the ground.
because, I can not set everything correctly. It works, collisions works, but the collider is in the ground and thus slowed the movement of the personal. I cannot adjust their movement speed.

It would be possible to see the collider (to display)?
Ce qui ne vas pas, c'est le personnage (la boite) ne touche pas le sol. Je pense que cela est dû au collider en ellipse qui surélève la boite. Il aurais fallu un réglage du personnage à l’intérieur du collider pour que le personnage touche le sol et que le collider soit aussi au ras du sol.
car la, j'arrive pas a régler tout correctement. ça marche, les collisions marche, mais le collider est dans le sol et ralenti donc le déplacement du perso. je ne peut donc pas régler sa vitesse de déplacement.

Ça serais possible de pouvoir voir le collider (de l'afficher) ?
Scene update : http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/#2J98EA#15

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Hi guys... sorry to interupt, but I am getting... meshPlayer.moveWithCollisions - function not found, on these playground scenes.  *shrug*  But I've been writing newbie tutorial all day and I am text drunk.  :)


"I'm pretty sure you know what I'll ask"  ROFL!  Now THAT'S just TOO funny!  :)


Ellipsoid-to-floor collision happening as mesh moves across the floor/ground.  That's an interesting problem.  Perplexing, indeed.  If you turn off collisions for the player during the move, then the player can walk through walls (and might fall through the ground)... no good.  If you turn off ground collisions during the move, then the player falls through the floor/ground... no good.  Interesting.

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