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Phaser 2.0.6 - Jornhill - Released


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Update: Friday 11th July


We found a couple more issues in Pixi 1.6 - one that stopped RenderTextures working at all (which in turn broke some Phaser features) and the IE9 Float32 issue. These were fixed today and rolled into Phaser. I also reverted to the previous implementation of the Image object, which fixed a strange bug with Buttons not changing frames properly. You'll find the latest build files in the dev branch on github, it will be a 2.0.7 release next week after a few more issues have been looked at.






We're very pleased to bring you the latest version of Phaser. We were hanging back waiting for the 1.6 release of Pixi (hit the link for lots of nice demos!) and sure enough it landed today, so we're pleased to incorporate that into this release. Pixi 1.6 itself brings in a number of powerful new features, not least of which are the awesome updates to the Graphics class - now allowing for significantly more complex shapes and masks and a host of new methods such as drawPath, arcTo and quadratic curves.


There are also masses of updates across Phaser as well. The Change Log will give you the full details, but there are substantial new updates, features and bug fixes across most of the library. Also a big shout out to the guys at Ludei for helping get to the bottom of some strange CocoonJS issues and submit their code into Phaser.


Just as we were preparing for release the 0.6 version of p2.js landed as well. As much as we'd have loved to include it this time we just didn't want to hold back any longer. So we've updated our roadmap and will push out 2.1 very soon, which will focus specifically on integration of the new version of p2.js. We're moving to 2.1 as it has a number of API breaking changes inside.


You may have noticed that we also now have a Gittip account set-up. Everything we raise from this will go towards helping Phaser development, one way or another. To those of who you have already contributed, thank you!


We're also working extremely hard on the new web site. We're really happy with the new features we've been adding recently and are pushing to get it done as soon as possible. There's also a brand new documentation generator nearly done - see our Roadmap for more details.


Edit: There's also now a blog post to go with this release :) with more details + a couple of new games.

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