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Closing in on the Phaser 1.0 release


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I think the best option is to keep both, physics options and let the end user select the one they need. While the AABB type physics isn't great it does do what a lot of people need, especially when making tile based games. I'd like the option, especially if it lets me eak those last couple frames out when building for mobile.


Otherwise just hurry up and get 1.0 out. I want to start using it. :P




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Just wanna say I'm really excited for this release.  I'm relatively new to programming and especially so to javascript, and I'd love for Phaser to be my starting point especially when I'm coming from Flixel.  Though from the sounds of things, it seems to be a better idea for me to hold off delving into it until 1.0.



Rooting for you to get it done, and thanks for all your hard work. :wub:

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My 2 cents:


Ditch the AABB mode

Include the cool physics engine, so even if we build something simple developers will get used with it and will be cool when they go to something more challenging


Also I want to say that, I'm more than eager for version 1.0 cause then I'll finish the breakout sample game :D


REALY I wait for Phaser 1.0 like a wait Christmas time. :wub:

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Hey Rich,


Happy Birthday!

It is really appreciated (but a little crazy, too  :P ) to work for and release v1.0 on your birthday.


I really hate to nag again about the Spine support but from the README.md I concluded that it seems to be quite at the bottom of the todo list. Could you please

  • move it up a little, so that the ETA is < 3-4 weeks or
  • give some hints on how you would implement it so I can do a quick-and-dirty impl until you do it properly?


Keep up the good work, but seriously take break today  ;)

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