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Blackberry test need


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It's easiest to use Ripple emulator. It runs with Google Chrome. You can also contact Eric Oros, Australia Blackberry Developer Relation. He's willing to test it out on the device. There's a thread in Scirra forum with his explanation. 

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My ears are burning :-)


I followed-up on the C2 thread but just wanted to post here as well the results.

- Music played just fine and looped.

- Screen contents were centered and sized nicely.

- Main menu navigation was nice and smooth.

- Controls and in-game functionality / performance / etc. were all just fine as well.


Basically I didn't really find any issues. Just to add, deploying to the simulator has a few options, but for me the easiest is the command-line. My steps include:


1) Open a command line and navigate to your WebWorks SDK bin folder. Example:

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK\dependencies\tools\bin


2) Copy your BAR file to the same bin folder.


3) Execute the blackberry-deploy command. Example:

blackberry-deploy -installApp SIMULATORIP MYBAR



SIMULATORIP would be the IP address of your simulator; this is shown in the bottom corner when the simulator is running.

MYBAR is the name of the bar file you've copied into the bin folder. i.e. MyBar.bar. Note that if the BAR file name has spaces in it, you need to surround the name with quotation mark "" characters. i.e. "Build A Snowman.bar"


Full example:

blackberry-deploy "Build A Snowman.bar"


Let me know if you hit any issues with the above.




Also, feel free to reach out directly ([email protected]) if I'm not responding on these forums. I try my best to monitor them, but with travel and just not always finding the topics in my searches, some can slip past.

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Hello again, apologies for not responding; I'm having a hard time getting notifications from these forums for posts. Just incase anybody comes by with the same question, you do not need to deploy in order to upload a BAR file to BlackBerry World. You can simply use the device BAR file (that is signed) which is what you will upload to our storefront.


Again, feel free to reach me directly via [email protected] if I'm unresponsive here. I'm trying to stay on top of the discussions here but email is probably the most reliable. Cheers!

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I do not need now.... i am not able to make blackberry apps... i do not know why.... after using webworks, i see only black screen in device or simulator.... erik does it same game in his webworks and he said , that it works.... I am total confused.... i tryed al solutions, all issues.... but nothing.... 

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