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Looking for some nice people to do a great tower defense game


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Hey guys,


i'm looking for some nice people who want to create a 3d tower defense strategy game. The focus should be on multiplayer (like the classical warcraft 3 td maps).

The techstack is voxeljs (which is set up on threejs), vagrant for virtualization, npm & nodejs. I think i have a very clear game concept in mind and also wrote down some stuff in a private wiki. Also done first code lines (strategy game cam + some event listeners for the input). It's a very early state and i'm searching for some people.


I'm in my working time i'm a backend developer in a gaming company and do this in my spare time. If you're interested to join my project then just write a small anser or if you don't want to do this in public then write a private message or mail me: [email protected]





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I was looking for something like this! I would love to help you!

The Problem is, i don't have much time and no experience in game development.


I have already done some things with Three.js and trixed a little bit with voxel.js. 


I thought about a game mechanic like this:


The first 10 min you have time to build your towers and structures. The build mechanic could be something you can see in the game "Castle Story" for structure building. 


When the game starts, the next 15-20 min its classical farming like in all moba games for example league of legends. 


after 30 min you have enough cash to build some units with greate attack power to knock some towers down.


If you have a Idea of a nice module you could use in the game, let me know it!


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