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Update TypeScript port done!


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I just test the last update and I have several small problem.


The objects are more selectable (pickPoints generates me an error.) If I click an object, I have a crash, all blocks.

Actions no longer works for me, I no longer point.



Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'meshes' of undefined

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down when I returned just before a release, it works. but I put this last update, the objects are not selectable and work either.


You send the error going to be difficult, because my project is huge (90 MB, with database)

reproduce on small scene, it works. but not my scene that uses a lot of specificity of babylon (manipulator.js example).


I just re test the latest version and it works. but not the last

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I have more details about this error. It is on this line I have in the console :
 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'meshes' of undefined

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pickedPoint' of undefined

switchObjects[objetSelected].vecDistanceCameraMesh = switchObjects[objetSelected].pickedPoint.subtract(switchObjects[objetSelected].camera.position);

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Quick note: I have seen some changes in the playground, today, as well.  http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/#2DJQVF  ... I think it ran fine yesterday, but today a 'Compilation error - d is undefined' coming from line 315-340... but the first occurence... line 315.


var xcyl = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateCylinder("xcyl", 30, 2, 2, 16, scene);


I don't know if this info is pertinent, but I thought I'd better speak-up, just in case it is.


Ok, all my love.  :)

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Nah, you're not crazy at all, Dad72.  You are on "the front lines".  You use the latest builds, you use lots of areas of the framework, and you work many hours on your project.  Because of those things, you are often first to discover places where backward compatibility is not working perfectly. 


Sometimes bug reporters look like the bearers of bad news, because sometimes bugs ARE bad news.  But,  because of what you do, you're actually quite helpful to all of us.  You are the bulldozer... clearing path, reporting clogged culverts, keeping our roadways solid. :)  Front-lines troop.  And your abilities to speak in French... with our battlefield commander... is a HUGE asset, I think.

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It makes me very happy that you tell me. Thank you Wingnut noted this.  :)  :D


Yes, my project is a bug detector, because I use many things on my scene to test all of the engine (70%) in a single scene and not several small demo.


but I am aware that by reporting bugs, I bring bad news. but at the same time if nobody says anything, the engine can become very unstable and difficult fix. I think that it should be noted as and extent. but sometimes I'm wrong, bugs comes from my home due to inattention.  :(


Oh and this is my way of contributing to the engine, test the latest versions rather than working with versions stable. As my project is not public, it does not bother me to have bug engine.


But as I said once, I have never seen a motor with so little bug. Deltakosh is very professional on a free distribution of the engine, we have the chance and I thank DK for this engine and I apologize for always report the bug that I see or think see (I could be wrong as everyone else)


Thank you Wingnut  :)

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