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App Store Optimization Tips / Tricks for devs looking to port HTML 5 games


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I figured I'd post this ASO article here because I've heard many HTML 5 developers lately deciding to test the native app market by wrapping their games and building them for iOS and Android.  Feel free to contact me about anything game related, and I'll try my best to respond to all comments!


App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips
Whether your self-publishing your game or partnering with a Publisher, you’ll need to know a thing or two about ASO. App Store Optimization (ASO) is SEO for the App store. Don’t know what SEO is? Go read this wiki.
The ASO process starts by understanding how the App Store algorithms rank apps. What happens when you press that magic “release app” button?
It’s simple, in theory. The app store tests your app.
How? By matching you up against other apps recently released in your apps designated Primary Category.
The app store then tracks and calculates the performance of just about everything. From the number of installs, to reviews, down to the number of people who have scrolled through alternate screenshots!
In addition to this, the app store will try to understand the relevancy of your app based on keywords specified by definition & description.
There’s quite a lot of details in the process, but I’d like to focus Part 1 of the series, ASO Tips & Tricks: for launching a brand new app.
The ASO process and techniques can be refined, and each app should be maintained over time. Don’t let your app get stale on the market!
By the end of this post, you’ll be able to improve your games app store & play store rank by using these three fundamental ASO techniques.


Tip #1 – Keyword Research
List out the top 10 keywords that you think make sense for your app. Then ask someone else to come up with an additional 5 keywords, preferably someone who is not involved in your project.
Do a live test these keywords. Type them into the app store and see what auto populates. Was there a better suggested keyword that might be more relevant?
The auto suggestions are based on volume of searches, so your goal here is to identify BIG keywords. Ideally, find keywords in the top 6 position after pressing just 2 or 3 letters.
Need clarification?
Here’s an example. If you have an infinite runner game, let’s test the keyword “infinite runner”
After pressing I-N
Infinite runner isn’t in the top of the list, but rather instagram, instasize, etc
Going 1 letter more, I-N-F… STILL doesn’t yield infinite runner, but rather infection, infinity blade, etc
So the conclusion on this particular keyword, is that there really isn’t enough volume to warrant targeting.
Instead, I’d look at “R-U” – and there’s a keyword in the top 6, Running Games.
Running Games is great candidate.
Go through this process with all 15 keywords, identify at least 3 “candidates” and narrow this down to 2 target keywords.


If you'd like to continue reading this post, head over to 




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