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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, where Is the best 3D no code game engine?
  2. DxMinds is the best mobile app development company in Chennai. The company offers iOS and Android app development to the world as a world-class guide. Top mobile app development company in Chennai
  3. I created a tool alongside Gammafp which could be useful for Phaser 3 users. Gammafp thought of how useful a free Atlas Packer would be for Phaser users. The tool can create atlas.json files from imported spritesheets and sprites. It was very recently developed so you could expect to run into some issues, please let us know! How to use: - You can import sprites or spritesheets depending of your resources. - You can add more sprites or spritesheets too if you missed any file or wish to combine animations. - Once the pictures are correctly displayed, you can click the save button. - This will download a .zip file containing both the sprite files and .JSON file set up. - Done! LINK FOR THE ONLINE TOOL Important: There's an animator section but it's far from complete, this section will be further developed depending on the reception and feedback of this tool! Gammafp programmed the tool and I made the art for most icons!
  4. ?Updated and extended version of my old geography quiz. Changed graphics and GUI, added two new game modes, new language support and GP Leaderboard. ?The game made with Construct2, the graphics by Inkscape (except the icon set of the world's famous landmarks purchased on graphicriver and some sounds bought on audiojungle). The apk built via Cordova CLI. Play in WEB: https://capitalmapflag.netlify.com/ ⚡⚡⚡TRY IT ON GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SeventhReactor.CapitalMapFlag
  5. Hello there! I basically just want to present my personal game project and to collect some feedback and ideas. The game is currently in the alpha phase and there might be bugs and problems but I feel confident enough to show it to the public. The game is called "Connect 3D" and it is a free to play competitive online browser game, where you have to place four tokens in a row to score. However, the game is not as easy as it sounds because the rows can be build in the three dimensional space. This GIF shows a local game session but the game can also be played online. You just have to send the link of the session to one of your friends. Currently you need a second person to play since there is no AI or computer enemy to play against. It works on mobile and on desktops, but you should try it on a modern device and with an up to date browser. There are known problems in Firefox on Windows and on Android. Therefore I recommend to try it in Chrome, Safari or Edge. You can give it a try for free on the website Connect 3D. The feedback is very important for me and the development. I really appreciate your feedback! I plan on implementing much more stuff if the feedback is positive. Possible next features: Personal Profiles and Statistics Level/Rank System (implies profiles) Public Games (join random people and play against them) Tournaments/Competitive Play Computer Opponent (AI) Different Game Modes and many more... Tell me your opinion and what you would enjoy the most in an upcoming version? Thank you for your help! iflow
  6. Awesome HTML5Dev community..: BABYLONJS on STEAM!!! Appreciation for BABYLONJS and HTML5GAMEDEVS ... special thanks: The game is called BOXiGON: https://store.steampowered.com/app/842490/BOXiGON/ GOAL: the entire purpose is to TEST THE HTML5 MARKETPLACE. Including: - attempt at FaceBook "Instant" - "MS App Store". - and braving the "HTML5~Portal~Jungle"!!! PURPOSE: figure out the "3DWebPipeline" then BabylonJS (Cinematics) "Episodic Visual Novels" - ready to roll. Post here if you have questions or comments. BABYLONJS TEAM Thank you,
  7. Hi there: I have a BJS development in production that works great in all platform but iOS-Cordova app. In this last configuration the sound doesn't work at all, dumping the following error message: Any clues on this? Thanks for your time.
  8. Hi everybody, This topic is here to list known mobile apps using Babylon.js. Could you mention the one you know ? Thanks !
  9. Hey there, i am new to JS and PIXI and tried to rebuild a pong game in PIXI.JS to make it responsive. (https://robots.thoughtbot.com/pong-clone-in-javascript) It seems to work but i run into the issue that all elements have a trail on movement, do i have to rerender the stage to avoid the trail or am i missing something? https://jsfiddle.net/02utycqq/ // define gamne variables const appWidth = window.innerWidth; const appHeight = window.innerHeight; const paddleWidth = 50; const paddleHeight = 10; const ballSize = 5; const appWidthHalf = appWidth / 2; const appHeightHalf = appHeight / 2; const paddleWidthHalf = paddleWidth / 2; const pongColor = 0x57dfbf; const computerPositionX = appWidthHalf - paddleWidthHalf; const computerPositionY = 50; const playerPositionX = computerPositionX; const playerPositionY = appHeight - computerPositionY - paddleHeight; const ballPositionX = appWidthHalf; const ballPositionY = appHeightHalf; const playerSpeed = 4; const computerSpeed = 4; const ballSpeed = 3; // Setup the ticker and the root stage PIXI.Container. const app = new PIXI.Application(appWidth, appHeight, { antialias: false, transparent: false, resolution: 1, }); function Paddle(x, y, width, height) { this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = width; this.height = height; this.x_speed = 0; this.y_speed = 0; } Paddle.prototype.render = function renderPaddle() { this.graphics = new PIXI.Graphics(); this.graphics.beginFill(pongColor); this.graphics.drawRect(this.x, this.y, this.width, this.height); this.graphics.endFill(); app.stage.addChild(this.graphics); }; Paddle.prototype.move = function (x, y) { this.x += x; this.y += y; this.x_speed = x; this.y_speed = y; if (this.x < 0) { this.x = 0; this.x_speed = 0; } else if (this.x + this.width > appWidth) { this.x = appWidth - this.width; this.x_speed = 0; } }; function Player() { this.paddle = new Paddle(playerPositionX, playerPositionY, paddleWidth, paddleHeight); } Player.prototype.render = function renderPlayer() { this.paddle.render(); }; Player.prototype.update = function () { for (const key in keysDown) { const value = Number(key); if (value === 37) { this.paddle.move(-playerSpeed, 0); } else if (value === 39) { this.paddle.move(playerSpeed, 0); } else { this.paddle.move(0, 0); } } }; function Computer() { this.paddle = new Paddle(computerPositionX, computerPositionY, paddleWidth, paddleHeight); } Computer.prototype.render = function renderComputer() { this.paddle.render(); }; Computer.prototype.update = function (ball) { const x_pos = ball.x; // eslint-disable-next-line let diff = -(this.paddle.x + this.paddle.width / 2 - x_pos); if (diff < 0 && diff < -computerSpeed) { diff = -ballSize; } else if (diff > 0 && diff > computerSpeed) { diff = ballSize; } this.paddle.move(diff, 0); if (this.paddle.x < 0) { this.paddle.x = 0; } else if (this.paddle.x + this.paddle.width > appWidth) { this.paddle.x = appWidth - this.paddle.width; } }; function Ball(x, y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = ballSize; this.height = ballSize; this.x_speed = 0; this.y_speed = ballSpeed; } Ball.prototype.render = function renderBall() { this.graphics = new PIXI.Graphics(); this.graphics.beginFill(pongColor); this.graphics.drawRect(this.x, this.y, this.width, this.height); this.graphics.endFill(); app.stage.addChild(this.graphics); }; Ball.prototype.update = function (paddle1, paddle2) { this.x += this.x_speed; this.y += this.y_speed; const top_x = this.x - ballSize; const top_y = this.y - ballSize; const bottom_x = this.x + ballSize; const bottom_y = this.y + ballSize; if (this.x - ballSize < 0) { this.x = ballSize; this.x_speed = -this.x_speed; } else if (this.x + ballSize > appWidth) { this.x = appWidth - ballSize; this.x_speed = -this.x_speed; } if (this.y < 0 || this.y > appHeight) { this.x_speed = 0; this.y_speed = ballSpeed; this.x = appWidthHalf; this.y = appHeightHalf; } if (top_y > appHeightHalf) { if ( top_y < paddle1.y + paddle1.height && bottom_y > paddle1.y && top_x < paddle1.x + paddle1.width && bottom_x > paddle1.x ) { this.y_speed = -ballSpeed; this.x_speed += paddle1.x_speed / 2; this.y += this.y_speed; } } else if ( top_y < paddle2.y + paddle2.height && bottom_y > paddle2.y && top_x < paddle2.x + paddle2.width && bottom_x > paddle2.x ) { this.y_speed = ballSpeed; this.x_speed += paddle2.x_speed / 2; this.y += this.y_speed; } }; const player = new Player(); const computer = new Computer(); const ball = new Ball(ballPositionX, ballPositionY); function render() { player.render(); computer.render(); ball.render(); } function update() { player.update(); computer.update(ball); ball.update(player.paddle, computer.paddle); } function step() { update(); render(); // app.ticker.update(step); } document.body.appendChild(app.view); app.ticker.add(step); // Controls const keysDown = {}; window.addEventListener('keydown', (event) => { keysDown[event.keyCode] = true; }); window.addEventListener('keyup', (event) => { delete keysDown[event.keyCode]; }); // resize function for app function resize() { app.view.style.position = 'absolute'; app.view.style.width = `${window.innerWidth}px`; app.view.style.height = `${window.innerHeight}px`; app.view.style.display = 'block'; } window.onresize = () => { app.ticker.add(resize); }; Thanks a lot.
  10. I've just made my first builds using Cocoon by Ludei. I've used Phaser/javascript to make the app. I started making some notes to aid me in the future as I don't make many app build builds and I'll have forgotten by the next time I do. I decided to put it here as it may help others. There isn't anything here that isn't available on Cocoon's docs, forums, and a few other places on the web but they are snippets that I wish had been in big red letters when I was working through it. Follow Cocoon's docs. What's written here is essentially the solutions/extra clarity to each sticking point I had. Include this line between the head tags of your index.html. (Code taken from Cocoon's docs) <script src="cordova.js"></script> include this in your body tags. <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('deviceready', function() console.log("Cordova is initialized and ready!"); }, false); </script> I start my game using the following code in index.html. I tried using the anonymous function as shown in a Phaser Cocoon template but this caused subtle changes to my game. I could not find what the cause was as it seemed utterly unconnected and, although I presume it must be to do with scope, impacted things that were scoped only to a single state. Essentially a Phaser group was no longer updating its children as it was expected to. Be sure to check your game carefully using the developer build as these new bugs can be subtle. I used the following. Uncommenting the first and last lines as in the template still seems to work but introduces those subtle bugs. <script type="text/javascript"> //(function(){ var game = new Phaser.Game(2048, 1536, Phaser.AUTO, 'game'); game.state.add('Boot', BasicGame.Boot); game.state.add('Preloader', BasicGame.Preloader); game.state.add('Game', BasicGame.Game); game.state.add('OtherState', BasicGame.OtherState); game.state.start('Boot'); //})(); </script> Create file structure of js assets src css index.html Zip these files *not* the folder they are in. See zip gotcha below. The bundle id you use in the cocoon builder must not have uppercase letters even though you may have already created a bundleid with apple that you cannot change. Fortunately, if you were stupid enough (me) to have done this a long time ago, it does not seem to matter that they do not match, Apparently Apple, at least, is case insensitive for bundle ids. FOr iOS, if you wish to test the resulting ipa on a device, build it using a development certificate and an adhoc provisioning profile. (Not a development provisioning profile/ensure your devices are added to your dev account before generating the provisioning profile). Just copy the ipa to iTunes and then to the device. Quirks that may be resolved in future updates: The zip file that you create of your project won't work if you use the the native Windows 'send to archive' using winrar results in a zip that does work. The help links accompanying each section are very useful. A minority, however, open in the current window so losing any changes you've made. Best to 'open as new window' just in case. Conclusions I have to say, the service was very good. Aside from the few issues mentioned above it went very smoothly. Uploading a single icon and having the service sort it into the myriad that Apple demands was a bonus time saver. For me, it was a much nicer process than when I used xcode and cordova alone. I've used the free service with a very small app (less than 5mb). I've had to use the webview+ as one section of my app uses the DOM but the performance is still very good. My app has a lot of sprites on screen but they don't update much. Only the zip issue was nearly a showstopper. Whether this is an issue with Microsoft's archiver or Cocoon's reading of the zip I don't know but it was the only problem I found that really needs to be addressed with urgency. The value of Cocoon's service will vary for you, but I'll definitely be considering the paid for version when I'm ready for its extra features.
  11. BVBI Infotech is a leading-edge mobile application development company with over so many successful projects under its belt. We have created mobile apps of any complexity: from award-winning B2C applications to heavy enterprise-grade mobile solutions that automate mission-critical business processes. BVBI Infotech talent pool of mobile app developers includes highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers who are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms — whether it’s iOS, Android, or both. Apps can be developed natively, or by using cross-platform frameworks like React Native and platforms . iOS Application Development iPad and iPhone devices have taken hold of the mobile computing market in a big way: user affinity is increasing and the number of apps in the Apple App Store is still growing at an impressive rate. iPhone and iPad users represent one of the largest segments of portable device users; iPad devotees dominate the tablet market. This is a great opportunity to engage your customers, get them involved, and make use of your employees’ mobile habits. BVBI Infotech mobile engineers have solid knowledge of the iOS tech stack — including Objective-C, C++ and Swift. No matter the technology used, our iOS developers will make sure your product fits the end-user requirements for look and feel, performance and ease of use. Android Application Development Android has something to offer to all of us and gives us unprecedented personalization and choice. The platform represents diversity manifested in the number of OEMs that support Android and the number of platform updates within such a short period. Android is a leading OS for mobile devices and it is now confidently making its way into the tablet market. What will Android app development give to your business? A numerous community of Android users and great outreach for your business. Android Development in the Spotlight Device fragmentation Our in-depth Android developer expertise will help you use the lion’s share of business opportunities offered by Android platform. Open-source Google has given Android app developers freedom to go to town on ideas and build mobile and tablet apps just in accordance with their view and feelings. Exceptional level of customization Android development is free from dogmas and overbearing standards. It gives carte blanche both to its users and Android app developers. Great support for content-consumption Android made its way in a bunch of content-oriented devices, designed specifically to promote content consumption. Cross-Platform Mobile Development Cross-platform development for mobile platforms is often a good way to cut development costs and bring your solution to the market faster. By developing a cross-platform app you make it immediately available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and more. Our pool of highly skilled mobile developers are well-versed in the modern cross-platform tech stack, and will help you build your app on time and on budget.
  12. i remembered you guys have said that... when can it realize ? and what's the method? use webview container or jsb ??
  13. Hey guys! Today I'm super excited to announce the live release of our first Phaser game, ROBO! You can get it for free on the Apple and Play stores! Link to the game in the Play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robo Link to the game in the App store : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/funtardz-robo/id1133435793?mt=8 Also we wouldn't mind if you gave us some likes / follows ^^ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ROBO-1372016872814241/?ref=settings Twitter : https://twitter.com/roboteamoffici1 It's been really challenging building this game from the ground up, all the more as it was our first time being on our own. The game was built with Phaser 2.4.6, and exported to the mobile platform with Cordova. I'd also like to use this post to thank all the loyal members of the forum who have greatly helped us over the last past months! You guys make this place rock! If you have any questions, whether it's about the gameplay or the code, don't hesitate! I'd be glad to answer them! Have a nice day guys, and have fun coding the awesome with Phaser!
  14. I made this https://cadsotic.eu/amazeball/ game a little while ago, and I'm pretty happy with it so I thought I'd try and port it to android as a hybrid app with cordova. Initially I've tried the adobe https://build.phonegap.com/apps phonegap cloud suite but, I'm using device orientation API and can't figure out how to make it in the cloud. So I decided I'd do it the "real dev" way and just compile everything from scratch, and that's where I hit a wall. I find the whole process to be very cumbersome and I was expecting it to be easy. I looked up a few tutorials and this one https://auth0.com/blog/converting-your-web-app-to-mobile/ seemed very promising and I managed to add the hosted webpage as an app(but it's mostly just an website redirect and not a real app by my standard), so.. I'm failing at making the actual standalone app without the internet connection. The main problem is that I want to add native features ( device orientation) and I can't find any guides that use it. Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can save some time and not read the entire http://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/6.x/reference/cordova-plugin-device-orientation/index.html#navigatorcompassgetcurrentheading documentation?
  15. So I'd like to test my Phaser app on a tablet. Given that I have been testing it on a web browser, I assume device resolution is going to be something to take into account. Can you please let me know what is the fastest way to test my app on a tablet? What should I take into account when I am coding for multiplatforms? Anyone here used Ionic framework? It comes with Cordova and usually the latter converts the HTML5 app to a non-native smartphone/tablet app and handles the responsiveness. So I don't have to worry about device resolutions and whatnot. Is there anything similar for Phaser or I have to do it from scratch?
  16. Successful candidate will demonstrate speed, quality and ability to negotiable reasonable fees. Great character and solid work experience are both a must. Work experience and skills to be demonstrated with examples of work. NO PORTFOLIO, NO INTERVIEW! Please include links to your portfolio, do not email us attachments. 1. About us FuseHive Interactive Media (FHIM) is a young and dynamic company specializing primarily in providing quality audio services such as music production, sound effect design and audio engineering to our clients. Our focus until now were video games (slot, casual games and mobile apps) with over 500 produced for the past few years! FHIM is currently expanding to other areas of entertainment industry, as well as development of our own multimedia products. To achieve this, we are looking for talented artists to join the team. Successful candidates wouldn’t be just “making a transaction” with us, but rather develop a lasting relationship and grow together with FHIM. If this sounds like you, please find the position requirements and benefits below: 2. Profile 2.1. Skills and Experience Ideal candidate will demonstrate strong skills in graphic design, illustration for apps / games, as well as corporate productions;Expertise in branding, packaging design and marketing will be highly valuable;At least 4 years of paid experience is a must (both, full time or as an active freelancer are acceptable);Any additional skills and experience in animation, 3D modelling, photography, web design, programming and video editing will be considered a massive advantage. 2.2. Technical Requirements Must own a computer and all of the accessories needed to perform work sucessfully;Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and all industry standard software and plugins;Stable and fast internet connection;Skype ID, bank account / PayPal and active email address. 2.3. Other Passionate for video games, movies and cartoons; Motivated, ambitious and able to work independently, as well as part of a team; Solid understanding of media related product development and publishing process; Creative with visual approach to projects in discussion with the team; Able to communicate professionally and respectful of other team members; Punctual with sense of urgency + committed to meeting all deadlines. 3. Why Join FuseHive 3.1. Benefits Opportunity to work with veterans of the industry; Negotiable compensation; Flexible working hours and negotiable project deadlines; Opportunity for a permanent position. If this still sounds like you, please send your CV with links to your work and a short bio to the email form the signature below. Please do not contact us in regards to this application after submitting the CV and portfolio. We will email only short-listed candidates to arrange the interview. Application Deadline: Sunday 1 November 2015. We look forward to hearing from you! FUSEHIVE TEAM. [email protected]
  17. Hi all, I have an app I am working on that almost done and looks nice on my phone (Samsung Note 4). However, my scaling technique is not working on all phones, leaving some screens looking like this pic attached (hope you can see the white border around the off-white screen! The pic is HTC One X. Similar issues on tablets). My code setup is pretty simple: index.html file: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Title</title> <script src="js/phaser.min.js"></script> <script src="js/main.js"></script> </head> <body> <center><div id="game"></div></center> </body> </html> Sizing inside of main.js: var w = window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio; var h = window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio; var game = new Phaser.Game( w, h, // Width, height of game in px Phaser.AUTO, // Graphic rendering "", { preload: preload, // Preload function create: create, // Creation function update: update } // Update function ); I'm resizing screen elements according to w and h, so everything is designed to respond to w/h. Is this a problem with my div structure? I tried completely removing the html file... using canvas introduces a whole new host of problems though, with scale still unresolved (in canvas either does not show up or appears too large). Also tried changing the div name, using other techniques like: w = (window.innerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth || document.body.clientWidth) * window.devicePixelRatio; I can't seem to figure out how to get this to fullscreen. I am using WebView+ (not canvas), and min android version is 2.3. Help appreciated
  18. Hi! I have just released my first game made using Pixi.js. It's a really simple app that's similar to those runner games on the marketplace, but this one comes with some special moves and controls that make it stand out a little. Here's a brief description of it, hope you guys like it! JumpSlide Boy Combine your moves to get as far as you can in this survival run between boxes! Game Features: - Simple but innovative controls: tap on the upper or lower half of the screen to perform your moves! - Quick runs are fun and straightforward, but to break records you need to master your reflexes! - Cute graphics: a bright and funny world will make you never lose hope! - Day/night cycle: as you keep running, the time of day will pass and your visibility may become limited, making your runs even harder! You can check it out here: Android, iOS (NOTE: It's been just released a day ago and it will be available on iOS aswell but it's still in the review process, so sorry about that but I promise I'll update it with a link once it's done!)
  19. Machine Carnage - Last Gun is a new action space shooter. Win big fight against enemy space robots! HOW TO PLAY? • Use arrow controls or on-screen touch controls to move. • Use “A” key to shoot or touchscreen control. Enjoy it!
  20. Dear customer, Please allow me to invite you our team 'Gtrace'. We've been working on HTML5 games since 2012, and here are some works for you to review: http://www.gtrace.mo...s/StarDefender/ http://www.gtrace.mo...s/TwistyTurtle/ http://www.gtrace.mo...TravellingFish/ The full version is already in our community. Welcome to www.gtrace.mobi for more cool games: props added, more levels, and fun rewards-- you may DIY your own Paper toys! We also have outsourcing experience, please find the attached some work. Please, let me know if you like our works or have any questions/concerns. If you have some project you think we can help you with please provide us with its details and then I will get back to you with an accurate fixed price estimate and timeframe. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
  21. Dear All, Please allow me to invite you our team 'Gtrace'. We've been working on HTML5 games since 2012, and here are some works for you to review: http://www.gtrace.mobi/ChromeExperiments/StarDefender/ http://www.gtrace.mobi/ChromeExperiments/TwistyTurtle/ http://www.gtrace.mobi/ChromeExperiments/TravellingFish/ The full version is already in our community. Welcome to www.gtrace.mobi for more cool games: props added, more levels, and fun rewards-- you may DIY your own Paper toys! We also have outsourcing experience, please find the attached some work. Please, let me know if you like our works or have any questions/concerns. If you have some project you think we can help you with please provide us with its details and then I will get back to you with an accurate fixed price estimate and timeframe. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
  22. I'm blogging consistently about Game Development, Publishing and giving out free experienced tips to help developers earn a living from building games. I try to write a new blog every friday, and you can check out the latest posts at: https://gamebrokerage.com/blog/ I figured I'd post this ASO article here because I've heard many HTML 5 developers lately deciding to test the native app market by wrapping their games and building them for iOS and Android. Feel free to contact me about anything game related, and I'll try my best to respond to all comments! App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips Whether your self-publishing your game or partnering with a Publisher, you’ll need to know a thing or two about ASO. App Store Optimization (ASO) is SEO for the App store. Don’t know what SEO is? Go read this wiki. The ASO process starts by understanding how the App Store algorithms rank apps. What happens when you press that magic “release app” button? It’s simple, in theory. The app store tests your app. How? By matching you up against other apps recently released in your apps designated Primary Category. The app store then tracks and calculates the performance of just about everything. From the number of installs, to reviews, down to the number of people who have scrolled through alternate screenshots! In addition to this, the app store will try to understand the relevancy of your app based on keywords specified by definition & description. There’s quite a lot of details in the process, but I’d like to focus Part 1 of the series, ASO Tips & Tricks: for launching a brand new app. The ASO process and techniques can be refined, and each app should be maintained over time. Don’t let your app get stale on the market! By the end of this post, you’ll be able to improve your games app store & play store rank by using these three fundamental ASO techniques. Tip #1 – Keyword Research List out the top 10 keywords that you think make sense for your app. Then ask someone else to come up with an additional 5 keywords, preferably someone who is not involved in your project. Do a live test these keywords. Type them into the app store and see what auto populates. Was there a better suggested keyword that might be more relevant? The auto suggestions are based on volume of searches, so your goal here is to identify BIG keywords. Ideally, find keywords in the top 6 position after pressing just 2 or 3 letters. Need clarification? Here’s an example. If you have an infinite runner game, let’s test the keyword “infinite runner” After pressing I-N Infinite runner isn’t in the top of the list, but rather instagram, instasize, etc Going 1 letter more, I-N-F… STILL doesn’t yield infinite runner, but rather infection, infinity blade, etc So the conclusion on this particular keyword, is that there really isn’t enough volume to warrant targeting. Instead, I’d look at “R-U” – and there’s a keyword in the top 6, Running Games. Running Games is great candidate. Go through this process with all 15 keywords, identify at least 3 “candidates” and narrow this down to 2 target keywords. If you'd like to continue reading this post, head over to https://gamebrokerage.com/blog/?p=33 and if you're looking to buy/sell html5 games, check out our market at https://gamebrokerage.com
  23. Hi, I was wondering if you have some link to apps which have been published on the app store android / iOs or both. And if you know with which method ( Cocoonjs, phonegap, etc..) Thanks.
  24. Gridlock was the first title in our “Game a Week” series. It was originally released on January 6th, 2014. This game will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was the first HTML5 game that I ever created. As we mentioned in our February Reflection, we’re going back and updating some of our January games to reflect our new quality standards. I’m very proud to announce the new version of this game in particular. It turned out better than I ever dreamed that it would! What do you think of the new version? Please let us know in the comments section below. We have another graphic update planned for next month, and your feedback is how we improve! Click Here to Play Gridlock
  25. Hey Guys, I have made my first HTML5 game and wrapped it with CocoonJS to get native performance on iOS. Check it out! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chaotic-cubes/id591291388 Thanks, StormPie.
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