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CanvasPixelArray / Uint8ClampedArray browser support

James Cat

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On Moz developer network, under the entry for canvaspixelarray




it mentions the switch to uint8clampedarray, but adds:

"However, as of April 2012, most browsers still returns CanvasPixelArray and there are very few implementations which return Uint8ClampedArray on ImageData.data."


I am finding it difficult to find information about which browsers support Uint8ClampedArray - sites like caniuse.com will tell me if a browser supports typedarrays or canvas but not which browsers return Uint8ClampedArray for ImageData.data

anyone have any info that can help me out?

Thanks a bunch for any help

James Cat

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it was a change in spec in April 2012 to introduce the uint8clamped array as the type underlying canvas.context2d.imagedata.data, the other kinds of typedarrays were already in place, so it doesn't automatically follow from typedarray/canvas support.

My research so far shows me that friends who have not updated there iPhones/iPads to the most recent release don't work with uint8clamped array, those that have done the last update do work. Not sure where things stand with Android as nearly all my friends have iPhones - myself I have a crummy old HTC which doesn't do any canvas at all. I'm thinking my next project will be DOM based so at least I can play it on my own phone!

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OK so!! I just bought a fresh from virgin mobile android nexus 4 running android 4.2.2 and guess what?

Firefox version 22 my code runs fine

Chrome mobile version 18 my code does not run fine.

inspecting with chrome developer tool => Uncaught TypeError: Object #<CanvasPixelArray> has no method 'set'

so I guess I'm not wrong.


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