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Panda.js future/plans


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Hi @enpu

I know that Panda is a very young engine and that you are mostly the only one updating it, but I was wondering whether you might have some time to share what you are planning with the engine in the future.

I think Panda has so much potential, but the community is still very small and tutorials scarse. I would honestly be interested whether you considered paid options/support for Panda?

Any feedback on this would be awesome, and please be vague if you don't want to give away too much :-)

I guess I'm also wondering whether you are planning on improving/supporting Panda longterm?

Thank you in advance for any feedback and a great engine :-)

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Hi Ninjadoodle!

Thanks for you message.


I don't have any special future plans for Panda, but i'm using it every day on my day job, and will be using for long time.

That means i will be at least fixing bugs/issues all the time. New features will be added when needed on my projects.


I'm also trying to spend my free time as much as possible on Panda and making other new features and improvements.

Trying to release new version every 2 weeks.


Currently i'm also developing open source scene editor for Panda called Bamboo:


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Hi @enpu


Thanks heaps for taking the time to reply, I know you must be busy. I'm happy that you are planning on supporting Panda in the future :)


I am quite exited to see how this community grows as I really think that Panda is an awesome html5 engine with features I haven't seen others.


Thanks again!

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