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Panda.js 1.8.0 released


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Panda.js 1.8.0 examples:


- Added game version output to Core


Panda now outputs some info on console, when in debug mode:

Panda.js 1.8.0Pixi.js 1.6.1Canvas renderer 1024x768Web Audio engineMyPandaGame 0.0.0 

- Added createClass and createScene methods to Core


You can now create class with createClass function, that will ensure, that your class will be under game namespace:

// This will make game.Player class that extends game.Classgame.createClass('Player', {    init: function() {    }});// This will make game.Enemy class that extends game.Playergame.createClass('Enemy', 'Player', {    init: function() {    }});// This will make game.SceneMain class that extends game.Scenegame.createScene('Main', {    init: function() {    }});

- Added rotateScreen attribute on System


You can now disable rotate screen, so your game will be shown on both landscape and portrait modes on mobile:

pandaConfig = {    system: {        rotateScreen: false    }};

- Added addAssets method to Core


Add multiple assets with one function

game.addAssets(['sprite1.png', 'sprite2.png', 'sprite3.png']);

- Added disableCache to config


Disable cache from config:

pandaConfig = {    disableCache: true};

- Removed orientation attribute on System


You don't have to define orientation on config anymore, Panda will automatically detect it based on width and height:

// LandscapepandaConfig = {    system: {        width: 1024,        height: 768    }};// PortraitpandaConfig = {    system: {        width: 768,        height: 1024    }};
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