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Can anyone suggest any good options for advertising on dekstop? That is, to put adverts on the desktop version of an html5 game.


An alternative to AdSense basically... AdSense is not an option, as we are making other (non-game) apps, for which we need AdSense, so we cannot risk being banned.


I know that the better ones require lots of unique users per day, but I'm looking for something that would work even with a few thousand impressions per month.



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Thanks, I hadn't heard about game advert before, and it does look interesting. Unfortunately it isn't one of those ad providers that are approved by facebook, so it isn't really an option in my case, but worth keeping in mind for the future.


Do you know of any facebook-friendly alternative?

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By Desktop, I automatically assumed you meant desktop applications that run separate from the browser...

So you want to add your game to facebook platform and advertise there. I never heard that FB has to approve the advertisers inside your applications...

Is there a list of approved ones somewhere?

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Yes, sorry I meant in the browser. Although ideally, I would like to have only one version of my game, that displays the same adverts regardless of whether it's played from facebook or from other sources, even when it's compiled for the Windows 8 store, etc. I don't know if that's possible, but I suppose it should be. The application then detects mobile browsers, and shows leadbolt adverts for them.


As far as I know, facebook are the only ones that require your adverts to come from their list of approved providers, but I may be wrong. The list is this one below, and is quite time consuming to go through - some of them aren't even game related, some of them require more than 10K unique players per day, some of them have had bad reviews from people using them, and so on.


So I was wondering if anyone had any experience using any of these ad providers, and which one you would suggest:



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you mean a game on facebook with advertising inside the game? i played alot of facebook games but i never had ads directly inside the game, only on top or bottom of the page


and this top/bottom ads are mostly from applifier and appnext

i would also recommend you invest some time and work trough this list: facebook adproviders im sure you find a solution for webgames there (also for non facebook games)

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