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Spritesheet without json (SOLVED)


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Hi Guys


Just wondering if there is a way to use sprite sheets without the json file.


I have a bunch of images (sprite sheets) exported but, they don't have the json files. Is there a way I can load these in panda and maybe provide the height width for each frame and the number of frames?


Thank you in advance for any help :)

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Hi @enpu


That actually doesn't seem to bad :)


I have one more question ... how would I go making this into an animation?


normally I would do ...


ninja = game.Class.extend({
    init: function(x, y) {
        this.sprite = new game.Animation([
        this.sprite.anchor.set(0.5, 1.0);
        this.sprite.position.x = x;
        this.sprite.position.y = y;
Not too sure how to write this up using cropping?
Thank you heaps again!
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Try this:

var sprite1 = new game.Sprite('spritesheet.png').crop(0, 0, 64, 64);var sprite2 = new game.Sprite('spritesheet.png').crop(64, 0, 64, 64);var sprite3 = new game.Sprite('spritesheet.png').crop(128, 0, 64, 64);var anim = new game.Animation([    sprite1.texture,    sprite2.texture,    sprite3.texture]);
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I just pushed new SpriteSheet class into develop branch.


Now it should be a lot easier to handle spritesheets without json :)



// Creates spritesheet with frame size 138x100var spritesheet = new game.SpriteSheet('spritesheet.png', 138, 100);// Returns sprite using frame 0 from spritesheetvar sprite = spritesheet.frame(0);sprite.addTo(this.stage);// Returns 15 frames long animation, starting from frame 0var anim = spritesheet.anim(0, 15);anim.animationSpeed = 0.3;anim.play();anim.addTo(this.stage);
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Hi @enpu


Just tried the @2x graphics and it doesn't seem to be working ...


[Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this.frame(index + i).texture')
anim (renderer.js, line 220)
init (level01.js, line 18)
Class (core.js, line 760)
setSceneNow (system.js, line 244)
run (system.js, line 270)
(anonymous function) (core.js, line 536)
animate (core.js, line 446)
I think its trying to load a high res texture on the @1x file
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