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JavaScript intellisense in Visual Studio 2013 for Web only partially working


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Hi all. Just started playing around with Phaser and I'm seeing some strange behaviour with JavaScript intellisense in Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web. I followed all the advice I could google, and it's almost working perfectly.. but something to do with being inside or outside of a function seems to be affecting it. I am very new to JavaScript, so I might be missing something, but the following behaviour doesn't make any sense to me:

(I get one level of intellisense)

(but not any more than that)

However, inside of a function it works perfectly...
(Intellisense shows me everything)

In a separate file, I get a similar problem, but one function level down...
(limited here)

(but everything here)

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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I know VS might not be the greatest choice for this, but I'm familiar with it and it's free! And intellisense is also nearly working perfectly! Look at all the lovely intellisense when you're inside the function. It just seems to close, wondered if I was missing anything anyone else had found...


Is there a free editor with decent intellisense out there?

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