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401 Authentication error when loading texture atlas png


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Hi, seems after the latest Chrome update, images are failing to load due to an Authorization error.




Anyone know how I can get around this? Loading an image directly works, but then how to add that information, along with the atlas into pixi?

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the site is password protected not the images. After supplying the correct username and password the site loads.


Using pixi AssetLoader and adding a .json atlas file to it, once pixi starts trying to load the png defined in that .json, I get the 401 Authentication error.

So far this has only happened in Chrome and IE.


Firefox and Safair work.

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Ok i think I have a solution to the problem. 


You need to set game.load.crossOrigin = 'use-credentials'


You also need to edit the xhrLoad method within loader.js and add the line this._xhr.withCredentials = true;


This will ensure that the request headers are updated with the correct authentication.


Info found from here:



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