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Panda.js => game.audio.playMusic('music'); on iPhone doesn't work correctly.


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Hi guys, I'm working on a simple game for learning purpose only.
I made a simple menù (Main Scene), by pressing on "Button START" the Main Scene will change to the Game one.
At the moment by pressing a button, the sprite moves in both direction, adding 10px to its current position and simultaneously a sound will be reproduced.
For this last step, I used the game.audio.playSound('step') instruction, and it works.
I tried to add a music in background for the Game Scene, but the music, on iOS, starts only after the first "touch" on the button.
I used at the end of init function, this instruction:
/* play audio */        game.audio.musicVolume = 0.1;        game.audio.playMusic('music');

This is the whole Game Scene code:

game.createScene('Game', {    backgroundColor: 0xff0000,    	init: function() {                var logo = new game.Sprite('logo.png').center().addTo(this.stage);        logo.interactive = true;                var button = new game.Sprite('button.png');        button.position.set(100, 100);        this.stage.addChild(button);        button.interactive = true;               button.touchstart = function () {         //this.remove();         var newposx = logo.position.x + 10;         //alert(newposx);         var newposy = logo.position.y + 10;         //alert(newposy);         logo.position.set(newposx, newposy);         this.stage.addChild(logo);                  game.audio.playSound('step');                    }            /* play audio */        game.audio.musicVolume = 0.1;        game.audio.playMusic('music');    }});


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