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Where to start?


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Hi, I've been scanning through some of the forum posts and looking for some advice on where to start on game developing in HTML5. If anyone has any good forum posts they can refer me to I'll be very greatful.


I come from a Flash Game design background, and have heard of the hype of HTML5 for the last few years, This year I've finally gotten to chance to work with it at work, and its awesome, so I figured its time to bring some games to it. Now I've heard that Desktop games in HTML5 are not valuable, but mobile versions are? I'd like some more info on how that works. How are most people testing these games on their mobile devices, what are some useful libraries. How does developing an HTML5 game for the phone differ from for the desktop? 


I've thrown together a quick game using Box2D but I don't want to carry the development process very far unless I know what I'm doing.


Any advice would be great. Hopefully some other guys that are floating around in the same boat as me can be helped by this.

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this is not concentrated about mobile development but it should help you getting started, 



Now I've heard that Desktop games in HTML5 are not valuable, but mobile versions are?

i honestly think that this is far from being true, the only reason that make HTML5 desktop games "not valuable" is the lack of game portals, it's just still not as much popular like flash (am sure this will be changed in the next couple of years) 


good luck

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I wouldn't say that desktop games in HTML5 are not valuable, but I would rephrase the statement. Both FireFox and Chrome have app stores where you can put up HTML5 games for their browsers. So they are not so much desktop games as they are browser games. In this regard, HTML5 games are valuable, more so than Flash (only because Apple does not support Flash, nothing against Flash).


Some of the games on these sites are playable on a mobile device as well as a desktop, but some aren't. I have Chrome apps installed on my browser that only play on the desktop, and that's OK with me. So it really depends on who your target audience is and what device they'll most likely play your game on.


As for resources to get you started, you can check out this 5 part tutorial which goes over the basics for creating a simple Galaxian style HTML5 game, as well as how to work with the problems and challenges of the HTML5 scene (sorry to toot my own horn there). In addition to the resources in the link that Aladine provided, I also recommend html5gamedevelopment.com


Programing for the phone differs from a desktop in mostly resource sizes and speed. If you are programing for mobile, you will want to keep your file sizes down to reduce the amount of data needed to download your game and assets. You will also want to try to reduce the number of HTTP requests for resources you make. When you program the game, you will want to make sure that you can keep a minimum of 30FPS on mobile, but always shoot for 60FPS. This is true for desktop, but mobile devices do not have as much CPU or RAM as a desktop does, so you'll need to make sure that your game runs smoothly on mobile.

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Awesome responses guys, I appreciate it. That was my main question. What options do I have to host my HTML5 game. So The chrome web store and Firefox web store are some. Has anyone ever worked with windows 8 apps? I heard you can make those in HTML5 as well but I haven't met anyone who has.


Also, are sponsorship opportunities for browser games decent? Has anyone made some successful ones?

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TrueValhalla has been kind to share his earnings with the HTML5 mobile web game sponsorship business model. I'm inspired to do the same, but only on the business model part (too little revenue for reporting hehe). Besides windows 8 apps, windows phone 8 are also a possibility. I haven't found a HTML5 developer blogging about publishing via w8 or wp8, but did found several other dev blogs about those markets, one is http://diffractionstudios.blogspot.com/

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