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PeepsQuest Pixi.js Tutorials


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Hey all, I've been creating a series of isometric tutorials and guides as I learn pixi.js for a game platform we are building. Any feedback appreciated. BTW, I'm more of a backend developer and this is really my first week into game programming other than a space invaders game I built as part of my university course way back when.


I've been doing node for a couple of years so my JS fu is pretty good, my gaming fu I am working on :)



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@ipop If you want just want to play with the examples, the best way is to clone the github repo and edit the iframe's html page. For example,




That's the generated html page for the iframe. Our literate markdown utility assigns an ID to each example in a page starting at 0. You need to run an HTTP server from that directory.

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I really want to make an isometric tower defense someday.


If I may, the next tutorial should be about mouse interaction (How can you know on which tile the cursor is). I'm sure the calcul is very simple something like x: floor(mouseX/tileSize)-1, y: floor(mouseY/tileSize)-1 ?


Many thanks.

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