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Problems with Oimo


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Hi folks!


Nice community here. Friendly, communicative and helpful devs and members. Not usual in most forums.


I am a newbie in coding, please have some patience with me.



Few questions:


1) Oimo doesn't work in your playground?    http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/#1SS3VP

Same file on my server: http://www.cognitive-leaks.at/do-it/kugel.html

Lack of dependencies?



2) In my example the sphere vanishes for a moment while bouncing and i can see only the half of the sphere after the animation.

Can anybody give me a hint, what i did wrong?


3) Is it possible to rotate my ground, while physics is enabled?

There's no reaction of the sphere.


Example: http://www.cognitive-leaks.at/webgl/kugel.html (rotate with W,A,S,D)

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Welcome :)


1) Oimo works correctly in the playground, but your objects are so huge you cannot see it :) Try this : http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/#1SS3VP#1

I just reduced the size of the ground.


2) It's due to the size of your ground. 


3) In your beforeRenderFunction try to call extraGround.updatePhysicsBodyPosition().



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Sry, to bother you again, but if i use 


inside the beforeRenderFunction, it throws a "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" related to line 16441 of babylon.1.14-beta-debug.js 

body.setOrientation(mesh.rotation.x, mesh.rotation.y, mesh.rotation.z);

Maybe a failure of scope?

Or again anything i don't understand?

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Hi Temechon ,


I experimented the same issue. Oimo can use quaternion to set rotation. My method is a bit tricky, because I didn't want to modify Oimo in 

OIMO.Body = function(Obj){...}

But there is  a setQuaternion()  method in Oimo.


So just after register your physic object in Babylon with yourMesh.setPhysicsState(..) you have to do  somethink like that :  

var registerMeshes :any [] = this.scene.getPhysicsEngine().getRegisterMesches();              for (var i = 0; i < registerMeshes.length; ++i) {                       registerMeshes[i].body.setQuaternion(yourQuaternion);                   }

For info  I had to implement  getRegisterMesches()  in interface IPhysicsEnginePlugin and in the both physics plugin to get the private member registeredMeshes.


off topic : Thank you guys (@deltakosh @davrous) for the typeScript port.



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