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Organizing bigger projects?


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This seems like more of a javascript question.


Multiple files is easy - just put them in multiple files, and "import" them in the HTML file just like any other javascript file.

For classes, (Objects in javascript), go here:



This stuff is quite confusing for a while in javascript. :/

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EDIT: Aw, sorry, I thought it was a Phaser question. I'm not 100% sure of how BabylonJS works but it *should* be similar since it is a Javascript matter, mostly.


Hey Rasmus, I'll try to be brief :)


Working with multiple files is easy - like josh pointed out, you just source them in your html, like this:



Working with multiple states is pretty easy in Phaser - not so sure about BabylonJS, sorry :(



As far as classes go, I do pretty much what ToastedWare taught in a tutorial. Here is how my folders look:



The way the entities work is simple, below is an example:

Background = function(game) {    this.game = game;};Background.prototype = {    create: function() {        this.background = game.add.tileSprite(0, 0, game.world.width, 1363, 'background');    },    update: function() {        this.background.tilePosition.y += player.sprite.speed / 5;    },};

Then on the play.js file, I do this:

var playState = {	create: function() {		background = new Background(game);		background.create();	},	update: function() {		background.update();        },};

So far this has worked really well and has helped me get organized. No more getting lost looking for functions inside a file!


I hope this helps :)

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The order of listing script files can be important.  Once you know what the correct order is you might want to make a little .bat or .sh to codify / document it.  If you want to put it in multiple html files, having one consolidated .js may someday save you a lot of pain when things do not work on all your .html's.


in a build.sh:

cat first.js second.js >combined.js


in a build.bat I think you use copy instead of cat & the last arg is the output file, so no need to redirect.

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