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set emissive color in blender


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Hi notjesseolsson - welcome to the BJS forum :)


Not sure why you say "emit didn't seem to work."


Here is an example with 5 cubes and different settings


5 cubes


Explanation of what you see going from L->R


Cube1 - Simple cube with a green diffuse colour, no specular, no emissive colour


Cube2 - Same as Cube1 but Shading -> Emit value 1.1


Cube3 - UV mapped cube with a simple texture. No specular, no emissive colour


Cube4 - Same as Cube3 but Shading -> Emit value 1.1


Cube5 - Same as Cube 4 but in addition under the texture properties panel: Influence ->Shading->Emi box is checked and value = 1


All 5 cubes are displayed differently The BJS exporter is creating different materials for each cube. Done with Blender 2.71.


cheers, gryff :)

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Hello Guys,


I got a clue on exporting an object with emission, and i got my object working. But i want it to glow, on Blender Render it works fine, the Indirect Lighting works fine, then when i exported it for Babylon, it doesn't glow on my browser, is there anything to adjust before exporting it to blender? thanks

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Thanks, for reminding me about this thread.  Have double checked that gryff's 5 cubes .blend works (sent in a pm). 


Since Late October, the initial pass & .babylon output pass of Tower of Babel has been used for the official Blender exporter.  There was an issue with the direction of Hemi lights.  This is now fixed in version 1.6 (released yesterday).


If, and only if, you are using hemi lights, your results might now be different.

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I came here because I was searching for a solution for the same problem. I've made several models with blender and the exporter creates no emissive texture for any of them. Diffuse yes, normals yes, but there are no emissive parts. Is there some trick I have to know?

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Are you saying you get no entry in you log file saying 'Opacity texture found "xyz" ?  In addition to checking the emit influence of the texture, you may need to indicate you have an emissive component on the material.


There are annotated Blender screen shot here.  the material ones are about half way down.  https://github.com/BabylonJS/Extensions/tree/master/TowerOfBabel

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