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New Phaser Cheatsheet


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Hey fellas,


I made a cheatsheet for Phaser (partly because I forget, partly because I wanted to learn more).


It is filled with quick examples that link back to specific parts of the documentation.


A sample of one of the cheats:


Keyboard input

Reference: http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Keyboard.html

Keycodes: http://docs.phaser.io/Keyboard.js.html#sunlight-1-line-557

if (game.input.keyboard.justReleased(Phaser.Keyboard.SPACEBAR, 10000)) {    console.log("Spacebar has been pressed in the last 10 seconds.");}//Assigning Up, Down, Left and Right to a variablevar arrow =  game.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys();if (arrow.up.isDown) {    console.log("You are pressing the up arrow!");}//This will stop the arrow keys from scrolling the pagegame.input.keyboard.addKeyCapture(arrow);


I'm open to contributions and suggestions - I'll keep improving it based on the feedback that I get. :)

Let me know what you think!

Shh, show me the cheatsheet

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Hey that looks, "'#&**[email protected]'" fantastic,


I haven't had a go at phaser yet, when I do, this will be my bible.


Cheat sheet such a good idea...


Thanks mate :)


you could also link it to an example (if available)  -  just a suggestion..   great cheatsheet !!

That is a pretty good idea - I'll try to implement it :)


Good thinking and this is a great contribution to the Phaser community.

Thanks :)

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I am running a programming group at my school and we were relying heavily on this wonderful page - thank you for making it.


The invrse.co domain has expired! :( Does anyone have another copy of the page somewhere? I tried wayback but it is empty due to robots.txt.

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Does anyone have a copy of this cheat sheet?  I would love to be able to use this.

It seems like his website has gone down (it's a furnature store now). I have a copy of his cheatsheet on Pocket and I'll be uploading the content to GitHub with reference to him as the original author.

I'll be posting again soon to let you know where to find it :)


UPDATE: Oops, silly me, I should have looked at the footer of his original post! The content can be found on his GitHub account via http://ottorobba.github.io/invrse/phaser-cheatsheet/


Since his website has gone down the CSS and image assets won't load, so don't worry about the page looking like plain HTML.

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