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Future plans for panda.js fiddler?


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Hi guys,


I just wanted to ask for your oppinion on the following subject. The last weeks I have been spending a lot of time on the panda.js code fiddler (http://vermeire.home.xs4all.nl/panda/). I included most of the examples from the official cheatsheet and added many new ones at well. At the moment it includes the following subjects:


  • Loader
  • Fonts
  • Graphics and shapes
  • Sprites
  • Particles
  • Tween
  • Animation
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Buttons
  • Sound
  • Config
  • Core
  • Other

my plan is to add examples of:


  • collision detection 
  • physics
  • pool
  • timer
  • camera
  • ...


My primary goal was to get a better grasp on the engine but I think it might be a great tool to make panda.js more accessable to new developers and  I have the feeling that it is a bit hard to find the fiddler right now. In my opinion the fiddler might contribute a bit to the popularity of the panda.js engine.


I have no objections at keeping it the way it is now (that is: hosted on my own website primarily used by myself) but there are of course other options. Would it be an idea to add the fiddler (or a direct link to the fiddler) to the original panda.js website? I am willing to spend some time on this project to make it fit in nicely. We could even host the default code examples on Github and run them live in the fiddler...


Just let me know your opinion.  :)


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First of all, great work. I haven't noticed the fiddler examples these last weeks that I've been working with Panda.js, it could've saved me a few hours figuring stuff out by reading the source and Google'ing my brains out. I would love to see some TilingSprite example. Maybe even in a good example of an actual use-case scenario (tiled level design?). 


Some other examples which I would think might make a good contribution:

  • game.TilingSprite - (as mentioned above)
  • Collision detection with p2.js - the code for p2.js is a lot different then the built-in Panda.js detection, would be a good addition to mention how it's actually different.
  • Use of game.Camera() - With a clean but use-case based scenario

Might come up with some more soon. Again, great work!

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Same here, awesome work on the site!!


I'd love to see more examples on how to use the particle engine - explosions, spark effects, star bursts, etc. 


Also, physics examples would be completely awesome!


I think it would be a great idea to make a section at the top of the Panda message board and list all the cool resources available for Panda. Fiddler would be an awesome start to the list, which I'm sure will grow as more people find out about this amazing engine.


As long as people can find these example to ease their learning process, it will help the community grow :)

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Hi guys,

I think a pinned message on the board with references to all available resources would be very nice indeed. (Personally I prefer to keep my own things hosted just on my own website so it is easier for me to maintain stuff). We think we need a moderator to pin a message on top of the board?

Are there already other tutorials or examples available for panda on the internet that you are aware of?

I will add an example of tiling spritesheets soon and I am also working on some physics related stuff. Personally I am probably going to use box3d instead of p2 because it is natively supported in cocoonJS. I am also thinking about writing a small physics extention plugin myself that adds some functionality to the basic physics in panda. (I am considering a leight weigted solution that can handle collisions just a bit more realistic and I also need a quick and easy way to deal with restitution/bounciness, wallshapes, and a few other small things). Of course this could be done with p2 or box2d as well but using a 400kb plugin is a bit of an overkill for my personal purposes.

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