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Brand New Phaser API Documentation in JSON format


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Hi all,


I've been slowly working away on DocGen, our tool for generating the new Phaser API documentation. It was built to bridge the issues between Phaser and Pixi jsdoc format incompatibilities and to take the API docs to the next stage. Tonight I got it to a point where it's outputting everything as json data.


The json files contain every method and property for every class, including all inherited ones, properly formatted return types, inline help, line numbers and everything else you should need.


The next stage is to output them as markdown files, but I'd love if some of you can check the JSON structure and see if you can spot any mistakes or missing things. I figured having the API docs in a json format could be handy in lots of cases, especially with online game editors like MightyEditor. Plus it lets you write your own interface too, and maybe we could see a Sublime Editor code-completion plugin now  :)


You can get the JSON output from here: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/tree/dev/docgen/output


Please post your comments here.





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