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X, Y and game.scale question


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Hi @enpu


I'm just wondering whether it would be possible to make Panda automatically adjust the co-ordinates of created sprites depending on game.scale, to correctly position sprites at every resulting mode @2x, @4x etc.


Currently every time I create an sprite, I do (using the base resolution) ...


rock.position.set(160*game.scale, 224*game.scale);


... when I create a new sprite.


This is not really too much of a hassle until I forget to use it in a couple of places and then spent an hour figuring out why my sprite is showing in the wrong place.


Just wondering whether this is possible?


Thank you heaps in advance!

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Hi @enpu


You are awesome and I wish we could buy you a beer or 6 haha :)


I tried the the latest develop but it doesn't seem to be updating form me ...


I'm using ...


rock.position.set(160, 224); (at a base resolution of 480x320)


but at higher resolution it's not updating the positions.

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Hi @enpu


I've been thinking about this a little bit and wondering, whether it might be a good idea to separate the 'automatic multiplying by game.scale' away from the actual engine and into a 'helper function/method'.


I'm worried that new people to Panda might get confused as why you sometimes have to multiply by game.scale and sometimes not (e.g. constructor vs. position.set).


I think that something like you suggested before would work ...


position.set - works manually (you have to multiply by game.scale)

setPosition - could be a function then does the multiplication for you.


Perhaps, eventually these 'helper functions' could work on Sprites, Containers and Tweens?


If you have time, please let me know what you think and whether this is something that would work, or if it's plausible.


I really appreciate the time you put into developing Panda and would be glad to support it commercially (or at least donate to it's development - even if the payment is coffee or beer  :))


Thank you again!!

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