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Hi-Res mode doesn't work on pandajs 1.9.0


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Hi Pandajs Team,


i'm using the new version of Pandajs, but it seems there is a bug in hires mode. i'm using 320x480 resolution, and I have tried on a device with a resolution of 720x1280 and it doesn't load the hi-res assets on mobile devices.  The hires mode working properly on pandajs 1.8.0, it load the @2x graphics. 


Any suggestion?



Thank you.

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I've problem with hires and retina parameters.


this is my config file:

pandaConfig = { name:"Game Name",                version:"1.0.0",                system:{ width:320,                         height:480,                         maxWidth:640,                         maxHeight:960,                         resizeToFill:true,                         retina:true,                         hires: 2,                        },                debug:{  enabled:true,                         color:"red"                      },                storage:{id:"com.gamename.test" }               };

if hires is declared, my game will be stuck in the loading screen with this error:

[Error] Error: Texture Error: frame does not fit inside the base Texture dimensions [object Object]setFrame (pixi.js, line 15126)Texture (pixi.js, line 15063)onXMLLoaded (pixi.js, line 16479)(funzione anonima) (core.js, line 536)

I double checked my media files and seems that all is ok (Files list: http://oi58.tinypic.com/2yzk2tl.jpg ).


The error seems releated to game size, or I'm wrong?


Thank you

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Yeah! That was the problem, I tried to check the .fnt files, and I saw that the @2x version load "font.png" instead of "[email protected]".


  <pages>    <page id="0" file="[email protected]"/>  </pages>

The game starts, but the resized canvas (from 320x480 to 640x960) doesn't load the @2x textures.

Panda.js 1.9.0Pixi.js 2.0.0Canvas renderer 640x960


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