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Found 2 results

  1. I recently finished a very simple game, but there's still some juddering and uneven framerate even though there's really not much going on. 2-3 milliseconds per frame according to All I can think is that there's something that occasionally takes a few too many milliseconds that I need to optimise or move from one state to another. Or maybe there's a deeper problem? What are the best practices for the types of code and game logic recommended for each state? What are the best approaches to finding the offending code and the subsequent optimisation? boot: config preload: asset loading create: object creation update: position changes player logic prerender: ? render: render effects postrender: ?
  2. mountainstorm

    Stuttering/Juddering motion of sprites

    I've just ported the key bit of a game I'm working on from HaxePunk to Phaser and am having a problem. As my main sprite moves it stutters, judders and in general does not move with the silky smooth motion I am expecting. You can have a look at it in action here: I've tried both Chrome and Safari on OSX and both seem to have the same issue. I've also tried commenting out more the code (so it just moves the sprite at a programmed constant rate) and it's still not smooth. I've also tried playing around with calculating the motion based on elapsedMS, elapsed and physicsElapsed and none seem to make much difference. My CPU only runs at about 20%, so I'm kind of at a loss as to whats going wrong. Anyone have any thoughts?