Wild Kratts Monkey Mayhem and engine

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The PBS KIDS Digital team has released a new HTML5 game and we're releasing the engine as well!


Wild Kratts Monkey Mayhem is a platform puzzle game for kids (though we like playing it too). 


It was built using the Platypus 2D Platfomer Engine, which we've just released for anyone to use. The engine uses Tiled for level editing, and includes tons of standard game components so you can add your assets and start making levels right away. If you get a chance to try it out, let us know what you think!


The engine and Kratts game were built for us by Gopherwood Studio, who are HTML5 game ninjas!


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Part of the gig when making games for a young audience is tons of audio instruction for emerging readers. 


We use audio sprites in the engine to support mobile, and individual files for desktop / mobile browsers that support it.


The current audio implementation is a custom one written using SoundJS. Do you all find Howler or some other libraries have some capabilities we could use to improve the audio file sizes? 

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